AS13100 Quality Tools e-Learning Training Programme

Programme overview

AS13100 – AESQ Quality Management System Requirements for Aero Engine Design and Production Organizations

AS13100 has been created by the SAE G-22 Aerospace Engine Supplier Quality (AESQ) Technical Committee to harmonize and simplify supplier quality requirements that are in addition to the requirements of AS9100 and AS9145.

AS13100 = Chapter A + Chapter B + Chapter C

AS13100 follows the structure of ISO 9001, AS9100 (Chapter A), and AS9145 (Chapter B) and adds the aero engine manufacturers specific requirements that are not covered in these other standards plus Key Quality Planning tools (Chapter C) to support the APQP and PPAP processes.

The current AS130xx series of standards (excluding AS13001) are now superseded by AS13100 requirements.

AS13100 is supported by a series of Reference Manuals that provide additional detail on certain subjects to describe the intent of the standard and to provide some guidance on deployment.

Programme details

AS13100 quality tools training programme

As a recognized AESQ Recognized Training Provider, TEC offer a programme of training courses formally approved by PROBITAS Authentication on behalf of the AESQ – all now available as e-Learning courses.

Our tried-and-tested e-Learning courses provide learners with the knowledge and skills to implement the AS13100 requirements {shown in braces} for key quality tools with the goal of zero defects.

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Other relevant quality tools topics that support the above include (note these are optionals extras and are not included within the programme cost):

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AS13100 Quality Tools e-Learning Training Programme


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