AS13100 e-Learning Programme

Programme overview

AS13100 – AESQ Quality Management System Requirements for Aero Engine Design and Production Organizations

AS13100:2021 is the AESQ’s standard specifying key system requirements for aero engine design and production organizations. The intention is to standardize customer requirements and improve overall product quality throughout the supply chain.

AS13100 is presented in three Chapters –

AS13100 = Chapter A + Chapter B + Chapter C

  1. CHAPTER A contains the AESQ supplemental requirements added to AS9100:2016. Collectively these contain the Quality Management Systems (QMS) requirements

  2. CHAPTER B contains the AESQ supplemental requirements added to 9145:2016 Collectively these contain the Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) and Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) requirements

  3. CHAPTER C contains the AESQ supplemental requirements associated with Core Defect Prevention Quality Tools to support APQP and PPAP Specifically: DFMEA, Process Flow Diagram (PFD) + PFMEA & Control Plan, and Measurement System Analysis (MSA) The AESQ have also provided a collection of common reference materials (RM130XX) in MS Excel or pdf formats to augment the AS13100 requirements. These are downloadable from the AESQ website.

The current AS130xx series of standards (excluding AS13001) are now superseded by AS13100 requirements.

Programme details

AS13100 quality tools training programme

As an AESQ Recognized Training Provider, TEC offer a programme of training courses formally approved by PROBITAS Authentication on behalf of the AESQ – all now available as e-Learning courses.

Our tried-and-tested e-Learning courses provide learners with the knowledge and skills to implement the AS13100 requirements {shown in braces} for key quality tools with the goal of zero defects.

Below is a list of the e-Learning courses which make up the full programme. Click on the hyperlinks to view the individual course details.

Other relevant quality tools topics that support the above include (note these are optional extras and are not included within the programme cost):

Programme benefits

Learners can complete their training at their own pace, at any time and using any device. All our e-Learning courses are highly interactive with tests, quizzes, and exercises at every section of the course to ensure full understanding.

Our e-Learning range is based on our public & in-houses courses meaning you still get the same quality of content, with the added benefit of training from the comfort of your home or office.

TEC trainers are available between the hours of 8am - 6pm, operating telephone/and email remote support to the learners conducting their training via our e-Learning platform.

On completion of training, learners are sent their training certificate within 48 hrs. Our e-Learning courses also qualify towards CQI/IRCA CPD Credits.

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AS13100 Quality Tools e-Learning Training Programme


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