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About us

TEC Transnational Ltd provide quality related training, coaching & mentoring to the Aerospace, Automotive/Motorsport and Defence industries. In addition, we also offer Implementation and Quality Systems Support in ISO 9001, 14001, AS9100, AS13100, ATF 16949 and AQAP2110 & AQAP2310.

TEC's courses have appropriate IAQG, CQI/IRCA and PROBITAS Authentication certifications

TEC have enthusiastically embraced Industry 4.0 and reconceptualized our approach to empowerment training through our extensive programme of e-Learning courses.

We have an ongoing commitment to research and development focused on investigating innovative ideas, new standards and industry initiatives – and turning these concepts into practical solutions for our clients.

Aerospace standards can be a dry old topic, but TEC’s training sessions bring the subject to life and puts the information across in a really practical and accessible way. Whenever I run courses at Eaton – I get TEC to do it. Led by Dr David Scrimshire, for me, they’re the go-to organization for all aerospace training and coachingTony Stacey, Quality Director at Eaton Aerospace

We empower and qualify people to achieve measurable (£) continuous sustainable improvements in performance and efficiency for their companies, customers and supply chains quickly and efficiently - achieving excellence through accelerated learning. TEC Transnational are: ISO 9001:2015 certified; CQI/IRCA Training Partner; IAQG Training Provider; AESQ Training Provider; SC21 Strategic Partner; NMCL Provider; ELCAS Approved Learning Provider

Our team

Our enthusiastic team of experts, led by Dr David Scrimshire, continues to expand to provide best-practice e-Learning, face-to-face training, coaching and support services to meet the ever-changing needs of companies and to boost their competitiveness in the eyes of customers. Visit David’s LinkedIn profile to read industry-related articles and posts – and access references to over 80 technical papers.

TEC has over 45-years of ‘know-how’ working with both individual companies and multinational supply chains in the UK, USA, Europe, Asia and Africa – Aviation, Automotive, Defence (Land/Air/Marine), Motorsport, Rail and Nuclear.

TEC’s training courses and flexible approach worked well for our staff in sites as far apart as Asia, Europe, Americas, India and the Middle EastGraham Crighton, Meggitt Group Quantity Director

Accelerated learning is an intensive method of study which enables complex material to be effectively learnt in a relatively short time. The principles are derived from detailed studies of the human mind – and how it acquires knowledge. TEC exploits these principles to create exciting e-Learning and conventional training courses which allow students to learn-through-doing. Extensive use is made of individual/team exercises, case studies and problems provided by the students.

TEC has been delivering Thyssenkrupp’s quality training since late 2016 – these courses are making a real impact on the business, changing the way people work dismantling old mindsets and enabling staff to deliver a step change in improvement of productivity. They have changed the way staff operate on a day-to-day basisAndrea Pollock, Senior Quality Engineer at Thyssenkrupp in Northern Ireland

Dr David Scrimshire

Managing Director

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