SC21 management commitment workshop

Programme overview

By the end of this 1-day practical course and workshop participants will understand that the SC21 Programme is an important tool in supporting supply chains to improve operational efficiencies to increase productivity and profitability, and to free capacity to take advantage of growth opportunities.

They will then be in a position to commit to deploying SC21 internally and within their supply chain.

The costs and benefits will be assessed, and a ‘road-map’ for launching and sustaining an SC21 programme will be developed.

TEC Transnational are an SC21 Strategic Partner who have been fully involved with SC21 since its inception.

Advice is also given on sources of potential grant funding and the need for further support from TEC Transnational to deploy SC21 through to a Recognition Award.

Programme details

Interactive SC21 Presentation & Workshop

The morning includes a highly interactive SC21 Presentation & Workshop session for the management team to ensure that they -

  1. fully understand all aspects of SC21
  2. can ascertain its relevance to their business
  3. determine the level of engagement expected from the supply chain
  4. develop a road map for SC21 deployment – up to a G/S/B Recognition Award

Particular attention is given to explaining –

  • improvement framework (Bus-Ex, Man-Ex and Rel-Ex and RMM)
  • key work-streams (Performance, Development and Quality)
  • performance metrics
  • sustainable improvement (CSIP)

The formal recognition process is explained, including the ‘award criteria’.

Extensive use is made of Case Studies and examples from organizations who have already deployed SC21 through to Recognition Awards – either as ‘self-starters’ or as participants in ‘Supply Chain Groups’.

A session focused on identifying the benefits of SC21 deployment is also included.

Assessment of existing measures of D and Q performance

It is widely recognised that the major customer satisfaction metrics are D (delivery) and Q (quality) performance. It is therefore of paramount importance to assess how the company currently measures, analyses and acts upon relevant information concerned with –

  • their own ‘active management’ of D and Q performance for their aviation and defence customers
  • their strategic suppliers’ D and Q performance

– with special reference to P-D-C-A cycle and SC21 performance metrics.

Assessment of existing programmes

The afternoon session kicks-off with a facilitated ‘top-level’ review of the existing models and methodologies being used by the company – both internally and with the supply chain. These will then be ‘bench-marked’ against the requirements of SC21 with special reference to –

  1. the use of the EFQM Model (business excellence)
  2. use of the BS11000 model (collaborative business relationships)
  3. the deployment of Lean (including Six Sigma)
  4. third-party certification to AS9100 (and Nadcap, if applicable)
  5. management of delivery and quality performance

The results of this assessment will then be used to formulate an appropriate SC21 programme for the company, focused on –

  • internal operations, and/or
  • supply chain

**Development and deployment of SC21 **

The company’s top management will now be in a position to formally commit their company to SC21.

The company’s SC21 Business Group (i.e. their Customers and A|D|S Regional Partner) will be formally identified and documented.

An SC21 ‘road map’ with clearly identified ‘mile-stones’ and an assessment of required (human) resources will be determined and agreed ‘next actions’ identified. In fact, these actions also represent an initial 'CSIP' (continual sustainable improvement programme).

The day will culminate in a decision to sign-up to SC21, and a commitment to provide the necessary resources to ensure an effective SC21 programme (either internally or with the supply chain).

Programme benefits

The objective of this SC21 Management Commitment Workshop is to ensure that the top management team fully understands the principles, practices and benefits of the SC21 campaign. The 1-day event will also enable the management team to undertake a ‘high level’ assessment of the company based on SC21 requirements, and make an informed decision on committing to the SC21 campaign.

TEC Transnational are an SC21 Strategic Partner who have been fully involved with SC21 since its inception – we have engaged with well over of 100 companies, many of who have attained silver and bronze recognition awards. TEC provide the training and consulting required to plan, deploy and sustain an effective SC21 campaign.


TEC Transnationalhave already engaged with over 100 companies - many have now attained and retained either Silver or Bronze SC21 Recognition Awards.


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