QMS Support Programme

Programme overview

TEC’s unique QMS Support Programme provides the ideal solution to the added pressures and additional demands placed on businesses and Quality Professionals since the revision of the AS9100:2016 Series of Standards. The service works for any of the AS9100 series of standards - and also IATF 16949, IRIS and basic ISO 9001 systems.

Programme details

Our programme of support may be delivered in a piecemeal manner, tailored to meet your company’s particular needs and can include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Internal Audits – Conducting of routine internal on-site QMS audits.
  • Bespoke Internal Audits – Conducting an on-site audit, focusing on an individual or specific area or process.
  • NADCAP Internal Audits – Conducted on-site.
  • GAP Analysis – On-site GAP Analysis to determine and understand the omissions and shortcomings in your existing AS9100:2009 Rev C QMS, and providing implementation strategies to ensure full conformity with Rev D requirements.
  • NCR Handling & RCCA – On-site support to advise on containment actions and offer a path to rectify, plan and close-out NCRs.
  • Integrated Management Systems – This can involve combining different disciplines such as Quality, Environmental and Health & Safety
  • On-site support during 3rd party audits – Operational and on-site presence to deal with any issues identified by the CB.
  • Management Review – On-site facilitation to ensure effective management review of QMS performance to meet Rev D requirements and drive continual improvement.
  • Induction training for new Quality Managers and Quality Engineers – Practical support, coaching and on-the-job instruction to ensure a practical understanding of Rev D requirements and the effective operation of the quality management system.

Programme benefits

Your preparation for a successful AS9100 certification audit is a big enough challenge in its own right! Maintaining and updating the resulting QMS (Aerospace Quality Management System) can also prove to be a chore without external help.

There is the obvious need to ensure that your modern, visual and process based QMS is updated to reflect changes in staff and working practices. Of equal importance is the ongoing requirement for continuous improvement in everything that you do. The CBs (Certification Bodies) will also be looking closely at your Quality and Delivery performance for all aerospace/defence customers and the ‘active management’ of process-level effectiveness (PEARs).

Change is also necessary to ensure that you are aware of, and are able to assimilate, new global aerospace supply chain best practices and innovative approaches that can benefit your business. Apart from these proactive moves, your QMS will also have to be constantly updated to keep abreast of changing interpretations by CBs and new customer-specific requirements.

As you will be aware, the revision of the AS9100 series of standards was published in November 2016 based on the new ISO 9001:2015 structure and clauses. Additional requirements have been added that may not be present in your current edition.

Also, the manner in which Certification Bodies assess and audit their clients is changing. Their own standard, AS9101:2016 mandates a process‑based approach as well as demanding conformity to all requirements (including customer-specific requirements), process effectiveness and the meeting of customer expectations for excellence in product quality and delivery performance. Project management for New Part Introduction (APQP – PPAP) and 8-D Problem Solving are also becoming a mandatory requirement by many of the ‘Primes’.


TEC Transnational are implementation and support specialists with over 25-years’ experience. Our full-time team of consultants have designed, documented, implemented and maintained modern visual 'process-driven' quality management systems for hundreds of companies throughout the world. These systems conform to the AS9100 series of standards plus customer-specific and regulatory QMS requirements (EASA, FAA, etc.). Our experience also covers IATF 16949 and IRIS standards.


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