SC21 deployment programme

Programme overview

SC21 (21st Century Supply Chains) is the single, coordinated industrial change programme developed by and for the UK aviation, space and defence industry. SC21 is probably the most important development programme that suppliers in these sectors have ever been asked to participate in.

This industry-led campaign is aimed at transforming the way the UK does business. Not only does it accelerate competitiveness but it acts to cement those vital relationships between customer and supplier essential for hassle-free business. Watch this video (SC21 - the journey so far) to see what some TEC clients have to say about SC21 -

Programme details

It costs nothing to sign up to SC21 and simply demands an organization’s commitment to undertake the prescribed diagnostics and quantitatively identify areas for improvement before creating a ‘CSIP’ (continuous sustainable improvement plan) which lists prioritised activities to boost performance and effectiveness.

TEC Transnational is an SC21 Strategic Partner with sufficient expertise and resource to deliver full awareness training of the SC21 programme including all of the mandated diagnostics and action plan. In fact, we provide everything required to guide our clients through to an SC21 Recognition Award.

Engaging with SC21is a three-step process facilitated by TEC's Practitioners and Lead Practitioners –

  • Step 1: SC21 management commitment workshop (1-day)
  • Step 2: SC21 strategic diagnostics (typically 2- to 3-days)
  • Step 3: SC21 CSIP - continuous sustainable improvement plan (1-day)

Call us on 0121 355 1838 and speak with Joanne Saggs (our SC21 Project Manager) today. Our experienced team of SC21 Practitioners and Lead Practitioners are here to help.

Programme benefits

SC21 is the industry accepted benchmark for excellence in optimising supply chains through accelerating competitiveness in the aerospace and defence sectors. SC21 is a differentiator for suppliers in the global aerospace and defence markets and provides the company with recognition from the industry.

With international competition growing the participation of companies is crucial if they are to compete in what is becoming a globalized supply chain. SC21 is of relevance to established aerospace/defence suppliers and companies seeking to enter these sectors. Engaging with SC21 will measurably boost business performance and enhance customer relationships.

Since 19 founder companies signed up to the launch of SC21 at Farnborough International Airshow in July 2006, its rise in popularity has been nothing short of meteoric with well over 600 signatories. Fundamentally it’s not difficult to see why - as a collaborative programme designed to transform and accelerate the competitiveness of the UK aerospace and defence industry, SC21 companies are committed to working together to improve efficiency, remove duplication and lower overheads and costs. Its classic “win-win”, and participating companies have shown tangible benefits, such as -

Reduced overheads from implementing business excellence and lean principles through the Bus Ex, Man Ex and Rel Ex tools.

  • Operational improvement with minimal costs to the business
  • Increased competitiveness
  • Leaner production
  • Cost reduction
  • Lower set-up times, etc.
  • Threats if you do NOT do it!!!
  • Tangible benefits (e.g. Certifications, Approvals, etc.)
  • Supplier development
  • Personnel empowerment & qualification (e.g. practitioners, auditors, etc.)


TEC Transnationalhave already engaged with over 100 companies - many have now attained and retained either Silver or Bronze SC21 Recognition Awards.

Check out TEC's SC21 tips for success


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