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Benefits of e-Learning for Learners and Companies

Author David Scrimshire

In many LinkedIn POSTs, I've aired my views on the relative merits of e-Learning compared to conventional face-to-face learning – whether classroom based, webinar or on-line events.

I thought it was time to consider the benefits of e-Learning over conventional classroom training from the perspective of Learners and their Companies.


Conventional learning shortcomings

First, let's discount ‘death-by-PowerPoint’ and focus on properly designed conventional courses in which the majority of time involves learners undertaking exercises to test their knowledge and skills of subject matter as it is presented. Also, assume that tutors take time to review every learner’s work and provide advisement when incorrect answers are given.

Nevertheless, their remain some major problems –

❌Although course material (slides & presenter notes) may be standardized – is the actual presentation consistent and engaging? Different tutors have different personalities, styles, competency and language fluency!

❌Is sufficient time given for each learner to assimilate the information? Different people learn at different rates.

❌Can it be guaranteed that that every learner’s work is individually checked, and necessary advisement given? This is especially important when ‘team exercises’ are involved.

❌Is time available to ‘back-track’? Some people may need to return to an earlier section to confirm their understanding.

❌Is a comprehensive Delegate Manual/Workbook available? Many conventional courses only provide ‘thumbnail’ sized copies of the slides at best!

❌For ‘technical’ subjects such as MSA, Capability Studies, SPC, etc. are appropriate data made available for individual learners to work with? Learners’ time should target the analysis process, not keying in the numbers.


Learners’ perspective

e-Learning courses overcome all of these problems and feedback from our students has highlighted these personal benefits –

✔Confidence knowing that the e-courses content and structure are created by a team of industry-experts guided by the principles of Bloom’s Taxonomy.

✔Knowing that each section has defined learning objectives and engaging tests-of-understanding to check understanding as we progress. The ‘virtual tutor’ feedback is automatically provided whenever incorrect answers are given.

✔The use of AI-based translation services means that we can undertake training in our native language.

✔The ability to complete training whenever and wherever we want, at our own pace, and on any device. We are not rushed or held back in a any way. Competency without the pressure of an exam!

✔The e-Learning course remains available even after we have successfully completed the e-course so sections can be revisited when required.

✔The downloadable (pdf) copy of the detailed Delegate Manual/Workbook is provided for every e-course which allows us to reference details as we work through the sections.

✔The downloadable data (MS EXCEL) and information (MS WORD) provided within the sections enable us to practice calculation and analysis ‘off-line’. We then enter our results, which are evaluated immediately, and any required guidance is provided.


Companies’ perspective

The cost of providing empowerment training inevitably falls on companies! They must be assured that the training is effective, and were appropriate, approved by international bodies.

So, why does e-Learning provide a modern alternative to conventional face-to-face courses?


Feedback from our client companies has highlighted these tangible benefits –

✔ Not having to tie up several students at the same time

✔ No course translation costs

✔ No juggling dates/availability of courses/student

✔ Infinite social distancing – (e.g. covid-19 compliant)

✔ Dramatic cost-per-student reduction

✔ No training venue costs, no travel/hotel costs, etc. (zero carbon footprint)

✔ Scalability (e.g. one student or hundreds)

✔ Consistent and standardized delivery – no tutor variability

✔ Real-time tracking of individual student progress


In short, e-Learning provides the individual with convenience and flexibility as they embark on their learning journey – and they are also extremely cost-effective for their companies .. .. ..


If you still have reservations, remember the stone age didn't end because they ran out of rocks!


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