e-Learning: AS9100 Auditor Training

Programme overview

This e-Learning course is for individuals who need to conduct effective AS9100 audits – in-house and supply chain. It will also be an essential bridging course for existing ISO 9001 Lead Auditors.

TEC have packaged everything needed into this practical e-Learning course to ensure that participants will feel confident to plan, prepare, perform and report the results of audits based on the AS9100 series of standards using a ‘process-based approach’ – in the same way as the Certification Bodies.

Particular attention is given to auditing top management and the evaluation of process effectiveness (PEARs) and customer satisfaction.

TEC's e-Learning (on-line training) course is unique because TEC also train and examine the Certification Body auditors (AATT 2016, A2 & A3 courses). Consequently, you will be learning how to audit using the AS9101:2016 requirements as well as the ISO 19011:2018 guidance in the same way as CB Auditors.

If you have only a limited knowledge of AS9100 it is strongly recommended that you first complete the e-Learning course – AS9100 Foundation.

Programme details

Throughout the e-Learning course you will need to make reference to your personal copy of AS9100:2016 Rev D. No other standards/guidance documents are required.

The course is delivered as an online e-Learning module via TEC's learning management system (LMS) platform. Within this e-Learning course, the following sections are covered:

  • Introduction – audits and audit terminology
  • Elements and activities of an audit
  • Understanding responsibilities for auditing
  • Understanding requirements for an audit programme
  • Understanding the structure of a QMS
  • Understanding a 'process approach'
  • Understanding requirements
  • Locating and understanding AS9100 requirements
  • Overview of the internal audit process
  • Developing an internal audit programme
  • Audit planning
  • Introduction to sources of questions
  • Developing effective audit questions
  • Preparing work documents
  • Conducting an opening meeting
  • Identifying evidence and taking samples
  • Managing interviews & recording evidence
  • Evaluating objective evidence & interview information
  • Creating effective NCRs (nonconformity reports)
  • Auditing 'unanticipated' situations
  • Auditing and scoring 'process effectiveness' (PEARs)
  • Managing the closing meeting
  • Reporting the audit results
  • Conducting audit follow-up

Each section of this e-learning course incorporates Quizzes, Tests and Exercises to ensure student understanding. Automated tutor hints/advisement is also provided, as necessary.

On successful completion of the entire course and its tests/exercises, delegates will receive an individual certificate of completion sent direct to their email address within 48hrs.

Programme benefits

The benefits of e-learning are numerous; not only are they extremely cost-effective but they provide students with convenience and flexibility as they embark on their learning journey. You can complete your training whenever and wherever you want, and at your own pace.

Companies do not have to tie-up entire teams at the same time as is the case with conventional classroom-based training.

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e-Learning: AS9100 Auditor Training


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