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AS9100 Foundation (QMS) Course - eLearning

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Course overview

The aim of this AS9100 Foundation e-Course is to provide students who have a basic knowledge/experience of quality management with an understanding of the management systems approach and the requirements of AS9100:2016, and to provide a basis for students who wish to go on to complete Internal/Lead Auditor Training courses:

  • provide students with a practical understanding of AS9100:2016 Rev D by relating requirements to processes – rather than a clause-by-clause analysis

  • explain the specific requirements relating to QMS ‘effectiveness’ – process-level, customer satisfaction and supplier performance

  • identify the benefits of adopting the modern, visual process approach to QMS design and documentation

Links are provided to other sources of information concerned with interpreting AS9100 and ISO 9001 clauses.

a downloadable (pdf) Delegate Workbook is included

Course details

The course is delivered as an online e-Learning module via TEC's learning management system (LMS) platform. Within this e-Learning course, the following sections are covered:

Understanding the QMS and QMPs

  • The business

  • Test: definition of a quality management system (QMS)

  • Quality management principles

  • Quiz: Identifying quality management principles

  • Understanding the process approach, P-D-C-A cycle and risk-based thinking

  • Test: definition of process approach

  • P-D-C-A cycle

  • Quiz: Match the following P-D-C-A to their explanations

  • Risk-based thinking

  • Test: definition of risk within the aerospace/defence sector

Understanding the quality management system

  • QMS key elements and drivers

  • Quiz: identifying the core concepts

  • Understanding the purpose of a QMS

  • Test: purpose of a QMS

  • Understanding the benefits of a QMS

  • Test: benefits of a QMS

  • Understanding the organization and its context

  • S-W-O-T analysis & actions

  • Quiz: identifying organization context elements

  • Extract from AS9100 – clause 4.1

  • Assignment: deploying clause 4.1 requirements

Top management and quality policy

  • Top management leadership and commitment

  • Quiz: identifying top management leadership and commitment

  • Understanding quality policy

  • Quiz: identifying quality policy requirements

Relationship between the business, the QMS and processes & resources

  • Understanding the business system, the QMS & QMS realization

  • Understanding QMS processes and resources

  • Quiz: matching processes & resources to examples

  • Understanding 'process approach' requirements

  • Test: evaluating the adequacy of operation processes maps

  • Ancillary processes

  • Support (resources & assets)

Terminology, verbal forms and dictionary definitions

  • Generic terminology

  • ISO 9000 terminology

  • Quiz: matching ISO 9000 terminology to commonly used descriptive names

  • AS9100 terminology

  • Quiz: matching AS9100 terminology to definitions

  • Verbal forms

  • Test: identifying verbal forms requirement

  • Dictionary definitions

  • Test: matching commonly used words to their dictionary definitions

Understanding standard requirements and QMS scope

  • Understanding standard requirements and QMS scope

  • Test: matching types of organization activities to applicable/non-applicable clauses of AS9100

  • Understanding QMS scope

  • Test: identifying elements of an organization's scope

Understanding the WHO, WHAT and WHEN of requirements

  • Locating standard requirements

  • Mapping processes & support to standard requirements (clauses)

  • Test: matching categories of processes and resources to applicable AS9100 clauses

  • Format of requirements

  • QMS realization and conformity with requirements

  • Quiz: identifying the need for processes to be documented

Understanding planned arrangements

  • Process activities

  • Specimen process activity map

  • Complexity and detail of AS9100 clauses

Understanding controlled conditions

  • Process resources

  • Turtle diagram

  • Test: identifying the ‘limbs’ of a Turtle diagram

Understanding QMS conformity

  • Determining and interpreting detailed requirements

  • ISO 9001:2015 for Small Enterprises – What to do?

  • Illustration – purchasing

  • Quiz: identifying purchasing-related requirements

  • Checking conformity to requirements

  • Personal assignment: evaluating the extent of conformity of the control of Production and Service Provision

  • Internal audit

  • Test: relating to audit types with the description of their applicability

Understanding performance (results) of the QMS

  • Monitoring performance (results) with quality objectives

  • Test: relating categories of performance monitoring activities with the AS9100 requirements

  • Customer satisfaction results

  • Quiz: methods for monitoring customer satisfaction

  • Process-level results

  • Understanding process effectiveness (PEARs)

  • Test: determining PEAR scores

  • Continual improvement

  • Quiz: identifying specific requirements for continuous improvement 'drivers'

Each section of this e-learning course incorporates Quizzes and Tests to ensure student understanding. Automated tutor advisement is also provided, as necessary.

On successful completion of the entire course and its exercises, delegates can print off their own Training Certificates

Qualifications & benefits

The benefits of e-Learning (on-line training) are numerous; not only are they extremely cost-effective but they provide students with convenience and flexibility as they embark on their learning journey. You can complete your training whenever and wherever you want, and at your own pace.

Companies do not have to tie-up entire teams at the same time as is the case with conventional classroom-based training.

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