First Article Inspection – Staff Overview

Programme overview

This short course provides a succinct overview of the First Article Inspection (FAI) process.

It addresses all of the key elements of FAI and explains the format and content of the First Article Inspection Report (FAIR)

The applicable requirements of AS9102:2014 (BS EN 9102:2015) and AS9100 are identified and explained.

Programme details

Defining First Article Inspection

  • Understanding the purpose of First Article Inspection

FAI applicability

  • FAI required
  • FAI not required

FAI & FAIR terminology & acronyms

  • FAI and FAIR terminology
  • FAI and FAIR acronyms
  • Quiz: FAI and FAIR terminology & acronyms

First Article Inspection Report

  • FAI results
  • FAIR formats

Standardized AS9102 FAIR forms

  • AS9120 FAIR forms
  • AS9102 FAIR forms in MS Word

Purpose/content of the FAIR forms

  • FORM 1
  • FORM 2
  • FORM 3
  • Forms ‘header’ information

FAI planning, activities & steps

  • FAI planning, activities & steps
  • FAI planning activities
  • The FAI steps
  • The FAI activities

Creating & recording the results

  • Preparations, measurement and recording
  • Part marking
  • Nonconformance handling

Maintaining the FAIR

  • Status of a FAIR
  • When to perform a full/partial FAI
  • Satisfying FAI ‘changed’ requirements
  • Last Article Inspection Report

Purpose and benefits of FAI

  • Deliverables and purpose of FAI
  • Benefits of FAI
  • Quiz: purpose, applicability and benefits of FAI

Who should attend

This face-to-face course is specifically aimed at operators, staff and/or senior management who need to understand the principles and practices of the FAI process.

Responsibilities and authorities are explained.


Individuals who successfully complete this course will be able to demonstrate a knowledge of the FAI process and the format/contents of the FAIR forms.

They will be fully aware of their responsibilities and authorities.

All participants will receive a Training Certificate containing the TEC logo.


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