e-Learning: Determining the root causes of problems

Programme overview

This e-Learning (on-line training) course has been created following many requests for a detailed explanation of quality tools and techniques applicable to the determination and validation of root causes (including human factors).

The various approaches explained may be used within any of the prominent problem-solving methodologies including –

  • 8D (AS 13000)
  • P-D-C-A
  • A3
  • Kaizen
  • D-M-A-I-C

This training has been identified as being suitable for Champions/Sponsors, Facilitators and Team Leaders who must respond to customer requests for corrective action using the 8D process and communicate progress using the 8D Problem Solving Form of AS13000.

Apart from these nominated ‘Facilitators’ all persons participating in the cross-functional problem-solving team will benefit from attending this course.

Programme details

The course is delivered as an online e-Learning module via TEC's learning management system (LMS) platform:

What is a problem?

  • Problems, goals and effects
  • Online Quiz
  • Case study - The problem of burned toast!
  • Defining burned and perfect toast
  • Agreeing on the goal
  • Visual management questionnaire
  • Quiz: Perfect/Burned toast goal agreement
  • Refining the goal definition
  • Agreeing the goal
  • Inspection criteria
  • Quiz: Applying inspection criteria (goal/problem/effect)

Questioning techniques:

  • Structured questioning – 4W2H1W
  • Quiz: Matching data with W2H1W
  • The value of data & information
  • Quotes of the day

IS – IS NOT questioning:

  • IS – IS NOT questioning technique
  • IS – IS NOT Question matrix
  • IS – IS NOT Worksheet
  • Example: Burned toast IS – IS NOT Worksheet

5-WHYs (Causal Chain):

  • Historical background
  • Example: Industrial problem
  • Example: Oil-leakage problem 5-WHYs
  • Example: 'burned toast' problem 5-WHYs
  • Example: Ohno's teaching example
  • Quiz: putting Ohno's 5-WHYs questions into the correct sequence
  • Quiz: putting 5-WHYs questions into the correct sequence

The 5-WHYs methodology:

  • Formalizing a 5-WHYs session
  • Communicating 5-WHYs achievement

5-WHYs – alternative logic paths:

  • Benefits and limitations of a single 5-WHYs path
  • Understanding AND ‘gates’
  • Understanding OR ‘gates’
  • Exercise: using alternative logic paths
  • Exercise: identifying multiple logic paths
  • NAND scenario

Looking for causes from different perspectives:

  • Fishbone (Ishikawa) Diagram

The Fishbone Diagram methodology:

  • Preparations
  • Workflow
  • IAQG’s general root cause ‘codes’

Zeroing in on a root cause:

  • Ensure all possible causes are identified
  • Examples: taken from the web
  • Methods for agreeing root causes

Deploying countermeasures:

  • Preliminary considerations
  • Six Hats Thinking
  • Impact & Effort Matrix
  • Planning and implementing countermeasures
  • Integrating with the 8D problem solving process

On successful completion of the entire course and its exercises, delegates will receive an individual certificate of completion sent direct to their email address within 48hrs.

Programme benefits

The benefits of e-learning are numerous; not only are they extremely cost-effective but they provide students with convenience and flexibility as they embark on their learning journey. You can complete your training whenever and wherever you want, and at your own pace.

Companies do not have to tie-up entire teams at the same time as is the case with conventional classroom-based training.



This online e-Learning course empowers individuals to undertake and understand RCCA (root cause & corrective action) and the related quality tools which are essential for 8D problem solving.

Individuals who successfully complete the course are able to -

  • Understand the root cause determination required for 8D problem Solving
  • Use powerful quality tools for both data collection and analysis
  • Deploy effective and efficient corrective actions

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e-Learning: Finding the root cause


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