e-Learning: Counterfeit parts prevention

Programme overview

Counterfeiting has a long and ignoble history, ranging from art and literature to manufactured goods. Unlike other industries, counterfeiting in the aerospace, automotive and defence industries may have life or death consequences.

Although it is clear that counterfeit parts do enter the industrial supply chain, the time and place of their entry is unpredictable. Managing this uncertainty has become more important due to the recent rise in the incidence of counterfeit reporting.

counterfeit parts pose a clear and present danger to organizations, their customers and the end-user of products – organizations need to be empowered to meet the challenge by taking preventive action now!

This e-Learning Course covers in detail everything that is needed to develop, document and implement/audit conforming processes to address the requirements for the prevention of counterfeit parts contained in these standards/guidance documents –

  • AS9100D
  • AS13100
  • IATF 16949
  • AS5553C
  • ARP6328
  • AS6174A
  • IEC TS 62668-1

A combination of quizzes, tests and personal assignments are used to ensure understanding of the principles and practices involved.

included are downloadable ‘templates’ to provide the basis of customizable documents/spreadsheets for immediate use

The objective is to qualify practitioners who will be ‘subject experts’ able to design, document, deploy and audit an effective system for counterfeit parts prevention.

Programme details

Terminology relating to ‘parts’

  • Categories of ‘parts’
  • Formal definition/explanation of the different categories of parts
  • Personal assignment: ‘types of parts’ that your organization does/could encounter

What is a counterfeit part?

  • Definition of a counterfeit part
  • Categories of counterfeit part
  • Examples of counterfeit parts
  • Test: parts, components, matériel and counterfeit parts

The impact of counterfeit parts and how/why/where they arise

  • Consequences and scale of counterfeit parts
  • Extent and sources of counterfeit parts
  • Off-shore origins of counterfeit parts
  • Difficulty in detection of counterfeit parts
  • Quiz: impact of counterfeit parts and how/why/where they arise

Standards relating to counterfeit parts

  • AS5553C:2019 and AS6174A:2014
  • AS5553C:2019 and AS6174A:2014
  • AS5553C:2019 and IEC TS 62668-1:2016 comparisons
  • AS9100D:2016
  • AS5553C:2019 and AS6174A:2014 comparisons
  • Personal assignment: AS5553C and AS6174A comparisons
  • Test: standards and their applications

Providers of authentic parts and avoidance of counterfeit parts

  • Authorized design authorities and providers
  • Test: providers of EEE parts and Matériel
  • Avoiding counterfeit parts

Identifying requirements relating to counterfeit parts

  • AS9100D requirements
  • Related AS5553C, AS6174A and IEC TS 62668-1 requirements
  • Personal assignment: AS9100D, AS5553C, AS6174A and IEC TS 62668-1 requirements

Personnel Training

  • Requirements for personnel training
  • Implementation strategy
  • Test: IEC TS 62668-1 guidance on the training of appropriate persons in the awareness and prevention of counterfeit parts

Parts obsolescence

  • Requirements for parts obsolescence
  • Implementation strategy
  • Test: parts obsolescence and availability

Purchasing process

  • Requirements relating to the purchasing process
  • Implementation strategy
  • Test: purchasing process source selection considerations

Traceability of parts

  • Requirements relating to the traceability of parts
  • Reasons for loosing part/component (matériel) traceability
  • Implementation strategy
  • Test: QMS process functions/elements to support the traceability of parts

Verification and test methodologies

  • Requirements relating to verification/test methodologies
  • Implementation strategy
  • Test: applicability of verification/test methodologies

Monitoring of counterfeit parts reporting from external sources

  • Requirements relating to monitoring of counterfeit parts reporting from external sources
  • Implementation strategy
  • Test: monitoring of counterfeit parts reporting from external sources

Quarantine/reporting of suspect/detected counterfeit parts

  • Requirements relating to quarantine/reporting of suspect/detected counterfeit parts
  • Implementation strategy
  • Test: QMS processes that address quarantining/reporting /reporting of suspect or counterfeit EEE parts/matériels

Policy – Counterfeit parts prevention system

  • AS9100 requirements relating to policy
  • Implementation strategy
  • Personal assignment: developing/documenting a Counterfeit Parts Prevention Policy

Designing and documenting a system for the prevention of counterfeit parts

  • Organization-wide awareness/preparation
  • Implementation strategy
  • Standards clauses requiring conformity
  • Personal assignment: review of requirements relating to the essential processes
  • Creating the required QMS documentation
  • Personal assignment: creating the required QMS process documentation

Prevention of counterfeit parts audit checklist

  • Essential ‘look-fors’
  • Personal assignment: creating a customized prevention of counterfeit parts audit checklist

Key rules for avoiding counterfeit EEE Parts/Matériels

  • Key rules for avoiding counterfeit EEE Parts/Matériels
  • Proactive processes for avoiding counterfeit EEE Parts/Matériels

Programme benefits

The benefits of e-Learning (on-line training) are numerous; not only are they extremely cost-effective but they provide students with convenience and flexibility as they embark on their learning journey. Learners can complete their training whenever and wherever they want, at their own pace and on any device.

knowledge and skills are tested/practiced at each stage

Companies do not have to tie-up entire teams at the same time as is the case with conventional classroom-based or on-line training.

The course is delivered as a personal online e-Learning module via TEC's learning management system (LMS) platform.

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e-Learning: Counterfeit parts prevention


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