e-Learning: AS9146 FOD Prevention Programme in Manufacturing

Programme overview

This e-Learning (on-line training) AS9146 FOD Prevention Programme in Manufacturing course offers comprehensive coverage of all matters relating to Foreign Object Debris and the potential for Foreign Object Damage specifically in the manufacturing operations.

During this e-Learning (on-line training) course students will gain a full understanding of the AS9146:2017 (and AS9100:2016) FOD-related requirements and learn about practical implementation strategies taken from industry sources to mitigate FOD risk using the most cost-effective solutions.

Please ensure that you have your own copies of AS9146:2017 and AS9100:2016 to hand as you will need to refer to them to complete the various assignments, tests and quizzes

Programme details

The course is delivered as an online e-Learning module via TEC's learning management system (LMS) platform.

This e-Learning course provides guidance and insights to be used within organizations to ensure the deployment and maintenance of an effective FOD prevention programme. To this end many exercises, workshops and quizzes are included which must be repeated with cross-functional teams to customize approaches to suit an organization’s technologies, processes and products.

  • Understanding FOD-related terminology:

  • Appreciating the true cost of FOD

  • Standards & guidance on FOD prevention

  • Programme management {4.1}

  • Operations {4.2}

  • Area Designation {4.3}

  • Training and personnel access {4.4}

  • Product protection {4.5}

  • Housekeeping and clean-as-you-go {4.6}

  • Tool accountability and control {4.8}

Each section of this e-learning course incorporates Quizzes and Tests to ensure student understanding. Automated tutor advisment is also provided as necessary.

On successful completion of the entire course and its exercises, delegates will receive an individual certificate of completion sent direct to their email address within 48hrs.

Full details and a course syllabus are availible upon request.

Programme benefits

The benefits of e-learning are numerous; not only are they extremely cost-effective but they provide students with convenience and flexibility as they embark on their learning journey. You can complete your training whenever and wherever you want, and at your own pace.

Companies do not have to tie-up entire teams at the same time as is the case with conventional classroom-based training.

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e-Learning: AS9146 FOD Prevention Programme in Manufacturing


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