e-Learning: AS9102 – First Article Inspection

Programme overview

TEC’s e-Learning course covers all of the requirements of –

AS9102 – Aerospace first article inspection requirement

A combination of quizzes, tests and practical exercises are used to ensure your understanding of the principles and practices involved.

The objective is to qualify practitioners who will be ‘subject experts’ able to understand the First Article Inspection principles and practices and be capable of implementing first article inspection in conformity with AS9102 and AS9100 requirements.

Learn how to –

  • undertake and document first article inspection in the correct manner
  • complete the associated AS9102 forms correctly through practical illustrations
  • undertake internal and supplier audits/evaluations of the FAI documents and FAIR process

TEC are an approved IAQG Training Provider, an AESQ Training Provider and a CQI/IRCA Training Partner.

Programme details

Introduction to AS9102

  • AS9102 purpose and activities
  • Quiz: AS9102 activities

The AS9102 FAI activities and requirements

  • Overview of FAI process
  • Part requirements, ballooning & DPD
  • Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing
  • Ballooned drawings
  • Part marking
  • Inspection using CMM
  • Requirements for FAI – AS9102
  • Personal assignment: requirements for AS9102 conformity
  • Requirements for FAI – AS9100
  • Quiz: AS9100 requirements for FAI

Understanding Key Characteristics, Critical Items and Special requirements

  • Overview of KCs (Key Characteristics)
  • Overview of CIs (Critical Items)
  • Requirements for CIs & KCs – AS9103
  • Personal assignment: requirements for AS9103 conformity
  • Overview of Special requirements
  • Related standards and documents
  • Quiz: locating CIs, Special requirements and KCs terms

ISO 9000 terminology

  • ISO 9000 terms and definitions
  • Test: ISO 9000 terms and definitions

AS9100 requirements for CIs, Special requirements and KCs

  • Identifying AS9100 requirements
  • Personal assignment: evaluation of the QMS

FAI & FAIR terminology & acronyms

  • FAI & FAIR terminology
  • Test: FAI & FAIR terminology & acronyms
  • FAI & FAIR acronyms
  • Test: FAI & FAIR acronyms

FAI responsibility, benefits and applicability

  • FAI responsibility and benefits
  • FAI applicability
  • Quiz: FAI & AS9102 applicability

Purpose and contents of the FAIR forms

  • Purpose of a FAIR
  • The FAIR forms
  • Forms ‘header’ information
  • Form 1
  • Form 2
  • Form 3
  • Quiz: purpose and contents of the FAIR forms

The FAI process

  • FAI planning requirements
  • FAI planning activities
  • The FAI steps
  • Quiz: the FAI steps
  • Nonconformance handling
  • Status of a FAI
  • Quiz: when to perform a full FAI
  • Quiz when to perform a partial FAI
  • LAIR – Last Article Inspection Report

Auditing the FAI process and FAIRs

  • IAQG Checklist
  • Common reasons for FAI rejection

Appreciate the benefits of FAI and AS9102 conformity

  • Purpose and benefits of FAI
  • Quiz: purpose, applicability and benefits of FAI
  • Some relevant 'words of wisdom'

Programme benefits

Individuals who successfully complete this e-Learning course will -

  • be confident in knowing that their abilities enable them to undertake all of the tasks mandated by AS9102:2014 (BS EN 9102:2015)
  • be better equipped to undertake and document first article inspection
  • be able to undertake in-depth audits of the FAIR process

All students successfully completing the e-Learning course will receive an individual training certificate containing the TEC Transnational's internationally-recognized logo.

The organization will -

  • be confident that their staff have appropriate skills and can demonstrate competence that includes all elements of AS9102:2014 (BS EN 9102:2015)
  • know that the outputs of first article inspection will meet the expectations of their aerospace/defence customers
  • have confidence that their FAIR process will stand up to the scrutiny CB and Customer Audits

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e-Learning: AS9102 – First Article Inspection


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