Bespoke e-Learning Suite

Programme overview

Is your business looking for a reliable training platform that meet’s your company’s specific training needs and supports the requirements of your Quality Management System?

TEC’s NEW e-Learning Suite allows you to choose from a large range of training topics for a truly bespoke package, specifically for your organisation and its staff.

You can purchase your bespoke e-learning suite for multiple numbers of students, which will provide you with approved, cost-effective and consistent training, available to your existing workforce and new entrants.

Our e-Learning platform is so simple to deploy and allows each delegate to create a password secure account where all their current and past training can be stored for future reference. TEC’s e-Learning licences do not expire … they can be issued to staff as and when they are required, and these individuals can re-take the e-course at any time.

Programme details

Choose the topics you need and then select how many licences you wish to purchase.


A suite of 6 topics e.g.

  • AS9100 Foundation;
  • AS9100 Auditor;
  • A13000 Problem Solving;
  • Human Factors in Manufacturing;
  • AS9145 APQP Practitioner Masterclass;
  • AS9102 FAIR

......We have loads more topics to choose from!

Licences Cost (£)
Up to 20 Students (120 licences!) £8,850.00 (less than £75.00 per course)
Up to 50 Students (1000 licences!) £14,750.00 (less than £50.00 per course)
Up to 100 Students (2000 licences!) £22,125.00 (less than £37.00 per course)

Simply select and purchase the number of licences you require (from below). A member of our Support Team will then be in contact with you to discuss the e-learning courses available and help create your bespoke package.

To view the e-learning courses available, then please head to our e-Learning webpage for the full range of topics.

Programme benefits

What is e-Learning:

TEC's e-Learning is an interactive training platform in which students can complete their training at their own pace, at any time and using any device. All the e-Learning courses are highly interactive with tests, quizzes, and exercises at every section of the course to ensure full understanding.

Self-testing ensures competency:

Our e-Learning range is based on our public & in-house courses meaning you still get the same quality of content, with the added benefit of training from the comfort of your home or office.

Our trainers are available between the hours of 8am - 6pm, operating telephone/and email remote support to delegates conducting their training via our e-Learning platform.

On completion of your training, you are sent your training certificate within 48 hrs. Our e-Learning courses also qualify towards CPD Credits.

Our e-Learning Platform:

TEC's e-Learning platform allows each delegate to create a password secure account where they can store all their training. Delegates can re-visit the content of their training at any time for reference in the future.

Setting up their e-Learning account is a simple 2 step process and once it's done any future e-Learning purchases will be made instantly available within their account. All we need is the name and email address of the individual who is going to be completing the training.

Buy now

Buy Bespoke e-Learning Suite

The course is delivered as an online e-Learning module via the TEC Transnational Ltd learning platform - personalised for learners. Set the number of learners and provide their email addresses at the checkout.

100 e-Learning Licences


50 e-Learning Licences


75 e-Learning Licences


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