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AS9102 - FAIR Practitioner Training - Face to Face

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Course overview

The objective of this 2-day practical and ‘hands-on’ AS9102 course and workshop is to explain the requirements of AS9102:2014 (BS EN 9102:2015) Aerospace first article inspection and empower participants to –

  • complete the associated AS9102:2014 forms correctly through practical illustrations

  • undertake and document first article inspection in the correct manner

  • undertake internal and supplier audits/evaluations of the FAI documents and FAIR process

All participants attending the ‘public courses’ are requested to bring along at least one FAIR (either one they have submitted to a customer and/or one received from a supplier). These documents will be used to support the whole of Day-2.

For 'on-site courses', we will require six FAIRs (either ones they have submitted to a customer and/or ones received from a supplier). These documents will be used to support the whole of Day-2.

Course details

Course topics include –



  • Acronyms, Terms and Conventions

  • Drawings, characteristics and specifications

  • Understanding part terminology

  • Customer’s print – ballooned characteristics

  • Functional testing and ‘certification’

Workshop – your own FAIRs

  • Inspection results of design characteristics

  • Control Plan – Process Flowchart

  • FMEA – MSA (Gauge R&R) – Capability Cpk

Session 1

  • 1.2 Purpose of FAI (first article inspection)

  • FAI ‘deliverables’

  • FAI intentions

  • Customer requirements and expectations

  • The first article inspection requirement

Workshop – AS9102 conformity?

  • Variation management of key characteristics (AS9103)

  • AS9100:2016 – key characteristics

  • Understanding the AS9102 – AS9103 links

  • The FAI mantra!

Session 2

  • AS9100:2016 (BS EN 9102:2015) requirements for ‘FAI’

  • Purpose of FAI and AS9102:2014 (BS EN 9102:2015)

Session 3

Workshop – AS9102 standard or guidance document?

Workshop – key customer FAIR requirements

  • Documenting customer FAI requirements

Session 4

  • Part requirements

  • Evaluation activities – the FAI process

  • Definitions of review and verification (ISO 9000:2015)

  • 4.5 Evaluation activities

Workshop – reviewing and verifying FAIRs

  • 4.6 Partial or re-accomplishment of FAI

  • Summary – when should FAI be performed?

Workshop – re-accomplishment of a FAIR

  • What does the FAI apply to?

  • What does the FAI not apply to?

  • What is included in the FAI?

  • 4.4 Nonconformance handling

Workshop – nonconformance handling

Session 5

  • 4.7 Documentation – 4.7.1 Forms

  • 4.7.1 Forms

  • Form 1 – part number accountability

  • Form 2 – product accountability – materials, special processes, and functional testing

  • Form 3 – characteristic accountability, verification, and compatibility evaluation

  • Examples of FAI completed forms

  • Understanding FAIR ‘requirements’

  • Ballooned drawings – typical examples

Workshop – customer FAI characteristics

  • 4.7.2 Characteristic accountability

  • 4.5 i. – Part marking

  • 4.7.3 – Record results

  • 4.8 – Control of records

  • FAIR process ‘check-sheet’


Session 7 – Interactive session

  • When to perform a full FAI or a partial FAI

  • Interactive exercise – moving location

  • LAIR – Last Article Inspection Report

Session 8 – Workshop session

  • The IAQG FAI check-list

Workshop – QMS requirements for FAIRs

  • Auditing FAI – what to look for

Workshop – organization FAIR review/audit

Workshop – supplier FAIR review/audit

Workshop feedback – class review

  • Most common reasons for FAI rejection

Workshop – ‘wash-up’ session

TEC's tutors are all experienced in the creation and auditing of FAIRs with many years’ experience in the aerospace industry.

The ‘hands-on’ FAIR workshops require that the organization make available several FAIRs for the class to audit. Wherever possible the FAIRs should include the organization’s own and FAIRs received from their suppliers.

Who should attend

This practical and interactive 2-day 'hands-on' training session and workshop is intended for a broad audience of quality engineers, quality professionals, inspectors, manufacturing engineers/managers, internal auditors and other staff who have to undertake and document a FAIR (First Article Inspection Report) in conformance with AS9102:2014 (BS EN 999102:2015) - including customer-specific requirements.

This is a TEC "Practitioner" course – consequently it incorporates "train-the-trainer".

Deliverables & benefits

Individuals who successfully complete the course will -

  • be confident in knowing that their abilities enable them to undertake all of the tasks mandated by AS9102:2014 (BS EN 9102:2015)

  • be better equipped to undertake and document first article inspection

  • be able to undertake in-depth audits of the FAIR process

All students successfully completing the 2-day course will receive an individual training certificate containing the TEC Transnational's internationally-recognized logo.

The organization will -

  • be confident that their staff have appropriate skills and can demonstrate competence that includes all elements of AS9102:2014 (BS EN 9102:2015)

  • know that the outputs of first article inspection will meet the expectations of their aerospace/defence customers

  • have confidence that their FAIR process will stand up to the scrutiny CB and Customer Audits

Upcoming courses

AS9102 - FAIR Practitioner Training

Face to Face
15 Aug - 16 Aug 23


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