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APQP & PPAP Practitioner (AS9145) - Face to Face

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Course overview

The aerospace and defence supply chain is global, bringing many new competitors and opportunities. An emerging _customer requirement_ is for their suppliers to implement APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning) and PPAP (Production Part Approval Process) in full conformity with the AS9145 standard.

Implementation of APQP and PPAP requires an in-depth knowledge of the essential processes and competency in the use of quality tools such as 8-D problem solving, PFMEAs, DFMEAs, MSA (GR&R), Control Plans, Process Capacity Studies and appropriate SPC.

TEC's unique 2-day "Practitioner Class" incorporates ‘hands-on’ exercises and workshops to empower participants in both the implementation of the APQP methodology and the use of all of the above ‘quality tools’ including the statistical software package Minitab. In this way, they will acquire the knowledge and skills to undertake successful new product introduction in full conformity with AS9145 and the other related standards such as AS13000, AS13004, AS13003, AS13006, AS9103 and AS9102plus customer-specific requirements.

This course covers in detail everything that is needed to develop, document and implement AS9145 and AS13100 (Chapter B) conforming processes for APQP and PPAP.

The 2-day course is highly interactive and uses individual/team exercises, workshops and quizzes.

The course timings are -

  • Day-1: 08:00 - 17:00

  • Day-2: 08:30 - 17:00

Course details

The course is delivered over three consecutive days with continual assessment and feedback provided by the tutors.

Course topics include –


  • Class quiz – AS9100 mandates a PDP

  • AS9145 standardizes APQP and PPAP

  • AS9145 – APQP structured requirements

  • AS9145 scope and contractual requirement

  • Customer requirements – AS9145 conformity

  • APQP requires leadership, teamwork & skills

  • Team exercise – customers demanding AS9145

  • APQP responsibilities and exclusions

  • APQP and PPAP overview and related standards and quality tools

  • APQP project management – PPAP evidence

  • APQP phases for a ‘generic’ organization

  • APQP ‘cascade’ through PBS (Product Breakdown Structure)

  • Identifying your organization’s level in PBS

  • Individual exercise – your organization’s level?

  • APQP structured requirements

  • Project planning, monitoring and reporting

  • Interested party mapping (RACI)

  • Other related (mandated) IAQG/SAE standards

  • Individual exercise – awareness of standards?

  • Mandated quality tools and techniques

  • Team exercise – identifying ‘skills gaps’

  • Developing the evidence – the PPAP file

  • Key ‘deliverables’ of PPAP

  • Team exercise – customer PPAP requirements

  • APQP phase/activity checklists

Detailed understanding of the APQP phases and practical use of quality tools

  • Phase 1 - Planning

  • Phase 2 - Product design, development and design validation

  • Phase 3 - Process design and development

  • Phase 4 - 4 Product and Process Verification

  • Phase 5 - On-going production

A fully detailed syllabus is available upon request. Each of the 5-phases of the APQP & PPAP is illustrated using a combination of case study materials, individual/team exercises, workshops and quizzes.

The course contents are based on over 40-years’ corporate experience gained from actual implementation of APQP and PPAP in the automotive, motorsport and aviation sectors.

Who should attend

Individuals needing to plan, manage and conduct APQP and PPAP for the Aerospace and Defence customers and become proficient in the use of the mandatory ‘quality tools’.

Apart from the nominated APQP Project Owners – all personnel participating in the APQP phases, elements and deliverables (including sign-off of the PPAP submission document) will benefit from attending this course. This is a TEC "Practitioner" course – consequently it incorporates "train-the-trainer".

Deliverables & benefits

In their efforts to improve supply chain performance the aerospace/defence ‘Primes’ and ‘Tier-1’ companies have turned their attention to harmonizing their requirements for New Product Introduction. Following the lead of the automotive industry in the 80’s, these initiatives require the efforts of APQP Project Owners and Cross-functional Teams who are able to use proven tools and techniques to accomplish their aims in a highly structured manner.

TEC's 2-day ‘immersion’ Practitioner Class will empower an organization's personnel to undertake successful APQP & PPAP projects in line with AS9145 and customer-specific requirements.

The individuals attending will learn understand how to use a set of powerful quality tools including process flow charts, risk management (DFMEAs and PFMEAs), control plans, capability studies, capacity management, and more.


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