Lean-Six Sigma Training Programme

Dr David Scrimshire commented: “back in 2005 I wanted to create a super-effective way in which to qualify Six Sigma Belts in as short a time as possible for the aerospace and defence sectors” and incorporate the tools and approaches of lean manufacturing. “So, I used the principles and practices of Accelerated Learning to devise a programme which could deliver the knowledge in a manner that would be easily to grasp by students and immediately put to work to the benefit of their organizations”.

Many SC21 signatories have used the Six Sigma Training Programme to address major projects identified in their CSIP. These 'break-through' dramatically upgrade the people skills and deliver substantial improvements in organization performance in the areas of quality and delivery.

TEC Transnational’s Lean Six Sigma Training Programme consists of 5 (five) 2-day training sessions following the D-M-A-I-C cycle - delivered on a monthly basis. Each session contains ‘homework’ sessions to ensure that the principles and practices are fully understood. In parallel, students undertake individual ‘break-through’ projects to ensure that their newly acquired skills are put to use immediately to the benefit of their organizations – “achieving excellence through accelerated learning”!

Each of the 2-day courses is highly interactive and uses worked examples and group exercises to illustrate the principles, methodologies and statistics involved. The course timings are -

  • Day #1: 08:30 - 17:00
  • Day #2: 08:30 - 17:00

The on-site programme can be delivered at any time. The next 'Public' programme commences in first quarter 2018.

The practical training is delivered as ‘group’ sessions scheduled over five to six months (2-days training per session) to maximize the benefits and minimize any disruption to routine work activities.

The improvement project activities commence after the Define step and serve to support and accelerate the progress of learning for the staff involved and maximize their organization’s return on its investment. Each training session has ‘homework’ exercises focused on the selected topics to be undertaken by participants that are submitted to TEC Transnational for assessment and individual feedback.

The course covers the following areas:


  • Introduction to basic statistics
  • Developing the business case
  • Identifying key stakeholders
  • House of quality
  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Voice of the customer
  • Critical to ‘X’ (CTX)
  • Verifying CTXs
  • Identify and segment
  • High level process map
  • Project charter
  • Project plan


  • Understanding variability
  • Measurement basics
  • Measurement process and plan
  • Selecting measures
  • Data definition and sources
  • Sampling techniques
  • Measuring yield and capability
  • Implementing the measure plan
  • The ‘hidden factory’


  • Data analysis
  • Scatter diagrams
  • Run charts
  • Pareto charts
  • Frequency charts and Histograms
  • Variation and defect analysis
  • Process mapping and analysis
  • VSM (value stream analysis)
  • VSM complexity analysis
  • Cause & effect analysis (5-Whys, A-4 and 8-D problem solving)
  • Hypotheses analysis
  • Verifying root causes


  • Brain storming techniques
  • Understand the process approach
  • Lean principles and practices
  • Optimising flow
  • Rapid changeover (SMED)
  • Introduction to Kanban
  • Visual management techniques
  • Developing solution options
  • Choosing between possible solutions
  • Facilitating kaizen events and improvements teams
  • FMEA and FTA (risk analysis)
  • Project implementation planning


  • Documentation - the 'KISS principle'
  • Poke Yoke (mistake proofing)
  • Statistics process control (SPC)
  • Process management
  • Team Charts and ‘Storyboards’
  • Writing a Six Sigma Project

The individual ‘break-through’ projects are agreed with a senior member of the organization’s staff, which are documented in a Project Charter.

Public course

Our public courses are run at the Woodland Grange Conference Centre in Warwickshire

The course fee includes a 3-course lunch and refreshments during both days

Course dates
On-site course

In-company courses may be organised at any time and are extremely cost-effective on a ‘cost-per-student’ basis. The host company is responsible for the venue costs.

We can accommodate up to 10 (maximum) delegates per session.


Participants are typically Team Leaders, Continuous Improvement Champions and SC21 Change Agents. Some organization prefer to choose a group of 4 – 10 participants and have the courses delivered on site.

Every participant elects to undertake a major 'break-through' project which they work on over 3- to 6-month period. Consequently their newly acquired project management and continual improvement skills can be put to work immediately to the benefit of their organization.

TEC Transnational have chosen Minitab-18 as the preferred applications software for their Six Sigma Training Programme.

Individual benefits

  • Manufacturing industries are continually searching for ‘real problem solvers’ which provides an opportunity for individuals to gain the credentials of a Six Sigma ‘practitioner’
  • The skills you will learn enable you to become more proficient at managing ‘break-through’ projects that deliver tangible gains on the bottom line
  • Development of your leadership skills and added-value to your CV and LinkedIn profile

Organization benefits

  • Six Sigma enables organizations to improve their processes, making them more capable of delivering what the customer wants right-first-time, on-time and at cost. The resulting benefits to the organization can be substantial -
  • greater productivity
  • higher throughput with the same resources
  • improved quality
  • reduced cycle times
  • less ‘fire fighting’
  • smoother operation – less hassle
  • reduced operating costs

TEC Transnational’s 'Master Trainers' have extensive experience deploying Six Sigma in the aviation, defence, automotive, motorsport and rail sectors. We work with individual companies and supply chain groups.

Larger teams might benefit from our in-house courses. Fill out the form below and we will contact you with further details.