BS11000 - Master Class

This highly interactive 1-day session provides an introduction to BS 11000 and explains what must be done to reap the benefits of developing the infrastructure to support collaborative business relationships. BS 11000 is the UK’s national standard for Collaborative Business Relationships. Attend this 1-day BS11000 Master Class to learn how this standard can create a systematic framework that can be used to establish effective and mutually beneficial multidimensional relationships within an organization, between an organization and its customers, and by an organization with its supply chain.

There are two parts to the standard –

  • BS 11000 - 1:2010
  • Collaborative business relationships - Part 1: A framework specification
  • BS 11000 - 2:2011
  • Collaborative business relationships - Part 2: Guide to implementing BS11000

BS11000 provides the structure and fundamental requirements for the latest SC21 diagnostic - Rel Ex (Relationship Excellence)

This interactive 1-day Master Class explains the BS11000 ‘framework’ that enables an organisation of any size and sector to apply good practice principles to its own way of managing valuable business relationships within its supply chain. The generic requirements for collaborative relationships are addressed to ensure that they are effective, optimized and deliver enhanced benefit to the stakeholders.

The three-phase approach (Strategic, Engagement, Management) containing an 8-phase model adopted by BS 11000 is presented, to demonstrate how organisations can focus their efforts from concept to disengagement -

  1. Awareness: understanding where relationship management fits with your business objectives
  2. Knowledge: understanding how others have progressed and developing your approach
  3. Internal assessment: evaluating how your own organization is positioned to collaborate
  4. Partner selection: finding the right partner relationship to complement your objectives
  5. Working relationship: building a joint approach focused on mutual benefit
  6. Additional value creation: developing additional value from the relationship
  7. Staying together: ensuring that you measure and maintain maximum benefit
  8. Exit strategy: recognizing the changes both internal and external and preparing for disengagement

Particular attention is given to the implementation of BS11000.This requires a RMP (Relationship Management Plan) to identify the processes to be adopted for collaborative programmes and identifies how collaborative relationship management will be applied within the partnering organization. The RMP also establishes a working platform for relationship management through the life of the collaboration.

The 1-day session concludes with an extended Q & A session.

Public course

Our public courses are run at the Woodland Grange Conference Centre in Warwickshire

The course fee includes a 3-course lunch and refreshments during both days

Course dates
On-site course

In-company courses may be organised at any time and are extremely cost-effective on a ‘cost-per-student’ basis. The host company is responsible for the venue costs.

We can accommodate up to 10 (maximum) delegates per session.

Members of the management team at all levels, SC21 Man-Ex & Bus-Ex Practitioners/Lead Practitioners, Continuous Improvement Champions, Team Leaders and staff involved with Supply Chain Management and Procurement.

Individuals who attend this 1-day BS11000 Master Class will understand the purpose, principles and practices involved - and be able to judge how adoption of the standard could benefit their organizations.

BS 11000 can help an organisation to:

  • Identify how relationship management can help achieve its business objectives
  • Evaluate the benefits of entering into a single or multiple partnerships
  • Select the right partner to complement its objectives
  • Build a joint approach based on mutual advantage
  • Develop added value from the relationship
  • Measure and maintain maximum benefit

All participants will receive a training certificate containing the TEC Transnational logo – confirming their understanding of the principles and practices of BS11000.

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