AS9100 Internal Auditor Training

Programme overview

If you need to conduct effective AS9100:2016 internal/supplier audits and understand the requirements of AS9100:2016 – then this is the course for you!

TEC have packaged everything needed into a 2-day practical course to ensure that participants will have the knowledge and skills to plan, prepare, perform and report the results of internal and supplier audits based on the AS9100:2016 series of standards using a ‘process-based approach’ – in the same way as the Certification Bodies.

TEC's course is unique because we also train and examine the Certification Body auditors (AATT 2016 course). Consequently you will be learning how to audit using the AS9101:2016 requirements as well as the ISO 19011:2018 guidance - in the same way as CB Auditors.

Our course addresses all of the stringent requirements of the AS9100:2016 series of standards. Specific reference is made to AS9100:2016 clauses 9.2 Internal audit and 10.2 Nonconformity and corrective action plus the 'root cause codes' now being used by the CBs. In addition, you will learn how to assess the ‘active’ management of customer satisfaction, QMS Q & D performance and process-level effectiveness (PEARs) – and how to audit your organization's Leadership!

This AS9100:2016 Rev D Internal Auditor Training course is applicable to AS9100, AS9110 and AS9120 standards.

Assessment of learning is achieved through structured exercises, real-world audit scenarios and an aerospace Case Study. Students undertake 'face-to-face' individual audit exercises with the tutor(s) in addition to team assignments. The tutors provide feedback and advisement to ensure that best-practice is fully understood in the context of the aerospace/defence industry.

The course timings are –

  • Day #1: 08:30 – 17:00
  • Day #2: 08:30 – 17:00

This training course is available as both an on-site event conducted at your site, and as a public event hosted at our training venue, The Woodland Grange Conference Centre, Leamington Spa, UK.

Public Training: Individuals now have 2 options when purchashing public training. You can either register for our public course stand-alone, or you can purchase our public training package that includes our AS9100 Foundation e-Learning course.

Our public training + e-Learning package combines your public training attendance with pre-course e-Learning support. This is the ideal option for students who wish to ensure they are totally comfortable with the basic knowledge & understanding of a Quality Management System (QMS) and the requirements of AS9100 before attending classroom training.

e-Learning training: Should on-site or public training not be a suitable opion, then please see our e-Learning & Programmes page for more details.

Programme details


  • The process-based quality management system –
  • the P-D-C-A structure and content of AS9100
  • Quality management system auditing
  • Understanding the organization and its context
  • Understanding risk-based thinking
  • Reviewing QMS documentation
  • Understanding the QMS scope and ‘not applicable’ requirements
  • Preparing the audit plan
  • Preparing work documents – 1
  • Preparing work documents – 2
  • Preparing work documents – 3
  • Using the IAQG 9100:2016 Auditor Guidance Material to augment audit questions


  • The ‘evidence-based approach’ to auditing –
  • determining conformity and nonconformity
  • Conducting the audit activities –
  • the opening meeting
  • Writing effective NCRs (nonconformity reports)
  • Auditing quality policy and quality objectives
  • Auditing and scoring process effectiveness
  • Case Study – team ‘mock audit’ of top management
  • Case Study – individual ‘mock audit’ of operation processes
  • Case study – NCRs and audit conclusions
  • Case study – conducting the closing meeting
  • Preparing and presenting the audit report
  • Conducting audit follow-up

Who should attend

Individuals needing to conduct internal and/or supplier audits, and those who want to monitor process effectiveness and QMS performance. Competent auditors can also undertake an in-depth ‘gap analysis’ of an organization’s existing QMS.

Other individuals who have found this course useful are six sigma practitioners and consultants, team leaders and supervisors in aerospace/defence organizations, who are looking to broaden their awareness of quality issues in order to understand how they can improve overall business effectiveness.


Individuals who successfully complete the course will -

  • know how the CBs underake their audits, and what types of questions they ask
  • be better equipped to maintain compliance with AS9100:2016 series of standards requirements
  • be able to undertake an in-depth 'gap analysis' of an existing AS9100 QMS
  • be confident in knowing that their audit questions address all important issues
  • identify weaknesses in QMS performance (e.g. quality and delivery), process-level effectiveness and leadership
  • identify risks and opportunities within the QMS
  • be able to accrue CPD points because of the highly structured nature of this course

All students successfully completing the 2-day course will receive an individual training certificate containing the internationally-recognized TEC Transnational logo.

The organization will –

  • be confident that their auditors are empowered to undertake effective AS9100:2016 internal (and supplier) audits
  • know that the outcomes of the audits will meet the expectations of aerospace and defence customers and Certification Bodies
  • be able to use root cause codes now being requested by the Certification Bodies
  • ensure conformity, maintenance and ongoing improvement of the QMS

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