IAQG-sanctioned - AATT (Aerospace Auditor Transition Training)

IAQG AATT Admin Support Team announcement: AATT (Aerospace Auditor Transition Training) will not be offered after 15th June, 2017. All training providers have been instructed to cancel any scheduled AATT sessions, and inform any scheduled participants that sessions will be rescheduled in the future.

The formal announcement regarding this temporary programme suspension has been posted at this link.

TEC Transnational are a UK-based IAQG-approved TP (Training Provider) qualified to deliver the IAQG-sanctioned AATT courses and examinations.

The AATT (Aerospace Auditor Transition Training) is the course which has been mandated and sanctioned by the IAQG for all current AAs, AEAs, and AIEAs working for Certification Bodies. The course focuses on how to audit the requirements of AS9100 with a process-based approach utilizing AS9101. Significant emphasis is placed on how to audit for effectiveness as well as compliance. The course is a blended program that includes a combination of online and instructor-led training, assessment, and evaluation.

There are three elements to the AATT course -

  • Online Modules
  • Instructor-led (‘face-to-face’) Training - 3-days duration
  • Final Examinations & individual interviews - 1-day duration

Everything starts with the 9100 AATT Online Modules, and then each element progresses from one to the next as indicated below –

Online Modules

Student takes the initial examination on-line using the IAQG ‘platform’.If student scores 90% or better they have the option to go through all of the online modules or with the certificate of a 90% or better score the student can immediately schedule to attend the Instructor Led Training session.

If student scores less than 90% the student must complete all of the online modules (estimated 8 to 20 hours for 9100) to get their certificate of completion prior to attending the Instructor-led Training.There is not an exam at the end of these initial Online Modules, only at the beginning to allow a student to bypass the online modules.

Instructor-led Training (3-days)

Students must provide a certificate of completion from the online modules as described above to attend the Instructor-led Training.During the first three days students participate in instructor led training and continual assessment. During these (three) days the student will develop their own ‘audit package’ through various exercises.In addition, the instructors will evaluate the students ongoing participation and learning during the class.

Final Exam (1-day)

On the fourth day the student completes an online knowledge exam and separate application exam. Each student will also go through a 30-minute personal interview with the instructors to review their ‘audit package’ and explain their conclusions.Based on the aggregate of the student’s ongoing evaluation during the instructor-led course, the online knowledge and application exam, and the personal interview the student will receive a grade.An aggregate score of at least 80% is required to pass.

Successful completion (>80%) meets the new training requirement for AS/EN9100:2009, AS/EN9110:2012 and AS/EN9120:2009.

TEC Transnational Ltd is delighted to announce the NEW IAQG-sanctioned AATT Courses and Exams.

Call our AATT Helpline (+44 (0)121 355 1838) for details on the next AATT Instructor-led (‘face-to-face’) Training courses

We can also run AATT classes on-site for Certification Bodies or other organizations.

The instructor-led course must have a minimum of 9 (nine) and maximum of 12 (twelve) students to run – this is an IAQG rule. Each session must meet these requirements to run.

The sooner you register, the sooner TEC Transnational can confirm the class to run!

Public AATT courses

All of our Public AATT Courses will run at the Woodland Grange Conference Centre, Leamington Spa, UK. Students may choose to book into the Woodland Grange Hotel which is on the same site as their Conference Centre for the duration of the course.

The course fee includes a 3-course lunch and refreshments during each day of the course.

Re-sit Exams (9100, 9110 & 9120) will be held on day-4 of each session.

Contact: Mrs Joanne Saggs (AATT Project Manager) on +44 (0) 121 355 1838 who will guide you through the AATT process.

On-site AATT Courses

In-company courses may be organised at any time.The host company is responsible for the venue costs.

We can accommodate between 9 (minimum) and 12 (maximum) students plus the two instructors – this is an IAQG rule.

Course Agenda

The course Agenda for the Instructor-led Training includes -

Day #1

  • Bridging the online modules and classroom training
  • Pre-Audit Activities
  • Stage 1 Audit Activities

Day #2

  • Stage 2 Audit Planning
  • Auditing Top Management
  • Auditing Process Owners
  • Auditing Process Trails

Day #3

  1. Audit Conclusions
  2. Audit Reporting
  3. Certification Requirements
  4. Surveillance, Recertification and Special Audits
  5. Use of the new 9101:2010 (Rev D) Audit Forms

Day #4

  • Final Online Knowledge and separate Application Exams
  • Individual Oral Interview Exam (30-minutes per student)
Public course

Our public courses are run at the Woodland Grange Conference Centre in Warwickshire

The course fee includes a 3-course lunch and refreshments during both days

Course dates
On-site course

In-company courses may be organised at any time and are extremely cost-effective on a ‘cost-per-student’ basis. The host company is responsible for the venue costs.

We can accommodate up to 10 (maximum) delegates per session.


All aerospace/defence QMS auditors (AAs/AEAs/AIEAs) must successfully complete this course to meet the "foundations training requirement" for AS9100 (and subsequently AS9110 and AS9120).

Before being able to register for the instructor-led training participants must complete all prerequisite requirements -

  • AS9100 Knowledge Assessment (Online)
  • AS9100 Application Assessment (Online)
  • Foundations: Understanding AS9100 eLearning
  • Foundations: Understanding AS9101 eLearning (and connected AS9101E/9101:2014 Revision Training)

Participants that fail to complete prerequisite requirements will not be able to sit for the final examinations.

By successfully completing the ‘face-to-face’ course, students will be able to fulfil the classroom requirement of the IAQG-sanctioned AATT (Aerospace Auditor Transition Training) by demonstrating knowledge of –

  • Audit planning
  • Auditing top management
  • Auditing process owners
  • Auditing process trails
  • Conclusions, reporting, and certification
  • Surveillance and recertification
  • Special audits

Final determination of pass/fail

Final scores and the determination of Pass/Fail are provided by the IAQG and not TEC Transnational (the IAQG-approved Training Provider).

An official IAQG Certificate is then presented to the successful student.

An aggregate score of at least 80% is required to pass.

Larger teams might benefit from our in-house courses. Fill out the form below and we will contact you with further details.