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Please review the list of our current courses – and let us know what’s missing using the Request information feedback form below.

Only by knowing what industry needs now can TEC provide the necessary training courses and consulting services. We always welcome your ideas, so please use the Request information feedback form or call our Help Line 0121 355 1838.

We continually review our training courses and consulting services.This has been a very busy year delivering on-site and public courses – read what the PRESS have been saying.

These are our most popular courses –

  • QMS Lead Auditor based on AS9100
    5-day course & exam – IRCA Certified
  • IRCA Certified ISO 9001:2015 Auditor Transition Training course
    2-day course & exam – available in January 2016
  • AS9100 Internal Auditor
    2-day practical course & workshop
  • Aerospace APQP & PPAP (AS9145)
    2-day practical course & workshop – IRCA Certified
  • Aerospace Risk Management & FMEA (SAE-J1739)
    2-day practical course & workshop
  • FAIR – first article inspection report (AS9102)
    2-day practical course & workshop
  • Capability studies & SPC (AS9103)
    2-day practical course & workshop
  • Measurement Systems Analysis – Gauge R & R (AS13003)
    2-day practical course & workshop
  • Problem solving for aerospace suppliers – 8-D (AS13000)
    2-day practical course & workshop
  • Manufacturing Process Auditing – “Part Auditing”
    2-day practical course & workshop
  • NCR Handling & Performance Monitoring for Managers, Supervisors & Team Leaders
    1-day practical course & workshop
  • IAQG (International Aerospace Quality Group) sanctioned course & exams
    4-day face-to-face training, on-line exams and personal interview
  • AATT9100
    1-day on-line exams
  • AATT9120
    1-day on-line exams
  • 9100 Aerospace Industry Specific Courses (A3)
    3-day interactive training and exam
  • 9110 Aerospace Industry Specific Courses (A4)
    1-day interactive training and exam
  • IRIS Internal Auditor
    2-day practical course & workshop
  • ISO/TS16949 Internal Auditor
    2-day practical course & workshop
  • Six Sigma Green Belt
    5x2-day training programme plus project
  • SC21 Practitioner Training
    5x1-day practical courses & workshops
  • Lean enterprise
    3x2-day practical courses & workshops
  • Team Leader Development
    5x1-day practical courses & workshops plus project

Please post your questions and comments on any of these courses - or request new topics - using the Request information form. Thank you.

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