Supply Chain Group Programme

A Supply Chain Group Programme involves a ‘host’ customer organization and 8-to 20-supplier companies who agree to work in collaboration to boost performance and increase the joint effectiveness of their supply chain and enhance customer-supplier collaboration over 1- to 2-years through training and on-site facilitation.
A typical Supplier Development Programme extends over a period of 12- to 24-months with the host and participating supplier companies sharing the costs. Because costs are shared, it is possible to deliver the programme at a fraction of the normal commercial price. Grant funding may be available to support Supply Chain Groups in many areas of the UK and NI.

The overall objective is for a customer to engage with their strategic suppliers and encourage the deployment of world class manufacturing tools and techniques.Key areas for improvement include -

  • Safety: Improved safety in improved ways of working and improved safety of products
  • Quality: RFT (Right First Time) Components and supporting documentation
  • Delivery: On-time with a reduced days late profile and reduced overall lead time
  • Responsiveness: Improved service and response time
  • Cost-down: Maintenance of costs and cost competitiveness

In the process collaboration between the customer and suppliers will be developed to encourage dissemination of innovative ideas and best practices.

Tangible benefits of a supplier development programme include -

  • Sending a clear message throughout the supply chain with regard to SQCD&R
  • Increasing the impact at all levels of the supply chain both customer and supplier
  • Deployment of industry recognised Continuous Improvement tools
  • Deployment of an interactive customer/supplier portal for communication in MS SharePoint
  • Knowledge transfer (Continuous Improvement Tool kit including Lean and 6σ)
  • Improved SQCD & R performance
  • Reduced lead times
  • Incorporation of company best practice visits (within & outside the cluster)
  • Retention of a UK supply chain
  • Reduced Carbon foot print
  • Improved supplier GVA

The objective of TEC's Supply Chain Group Programme to empower supplier staff so that they can exploit proven tools of Kaizen, Lean Enterprise and Six Sigma for mutual benefit.

Normally, all suppliers will be SC21 signatories, and a major goal is to have everyone attain an SC21 Recognition Award. SC21 promotes a 360-degree approach to supplier development that generates short term gains in quality, delivery, responsiveness and cost-down as well as continual sustainable improvement.

All programmes are customised to be complementary to the existing host customer’s initiatives and/or sector specific requirements. Facilitation is through a blend of group training sessions & workshops matched with on-site mentoring sessions. Everything is focused on best practice approaches and techniques that are designed to exploit the benefits of the Supply Chain Group resulting in a win-win situation for all parties involved.

BURCAS to secure over £1m of new orders from the aerospace industry alone

Mike Burrows (Burcas - MD) said: "The implementation of our SC21 campaign to date has helped BURCAS to secure over £1m of new orders from the aerospace industry alone. Building and maintaining complementary relationships is one of the biggest challenges companies face today."

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