Aerospace Implementation Programme - AeroIPG

Aerospace Implementation Programme - AeroIPG - is a programme of training and consulting delivered by TEC Transnational Ltd. The aim is simply Achieving excellence through accelerated learning for aerospace companies from the UK, Republic of Ireland and Europe.

The AeroIPG focuses on 5 core skills and capabilities that are drivers of success and transfers learning and skills development, in a blended approach, to ensure that a company’s people become self-sufficient and capable of fully exploiting the AS9100:2016 series tools and techniques for maximum benefit.

The AeroIPG is available to aerospace companies globally and focusses on the 5 core skills and capabilities that are drivers of success.

The training modules are delivered on a ‘group basis’ and consists of -

  • AS9100:2016 Internal Auditor Training
  • Aerospace APQP & PPAP - AS9145
  • Measurement systems analysis - AS13003
  • Aerospace Problem Solving - based on AS13000
  • Aerospace and Defence Risk Management & FMEA

The modules are all 2-days duration and delivered in consecutive days, and scheduled at around one-module-per-month.

Skills development is translated into competence and the capability to deliver enhanced performance by complimentary on-site consulting and coaching.

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Increasingly, the IAQG (International Aerospace Quality Group), SC21 and aerospace/defence OEMs are promoting higher quality and delivery requirements and ever increasing and demanding standards of sustained performance. The launch of the AS9100:2016 series from Rev C to Rev D brings many new aspects into play, and is an example of the changing aerospace landscape. The aerospace supply chain is global, bringing many new competitors and opportunities.

The essential people competences in the core aerospace/defence tools - combined with the deployment of lean thinking - will ensure that supplier companies will consistently perform at their best to survive and thrive in the global aerospace supply chain.

Dr David Scrimshire, Managing Director of TEC, said: “The global aerospace industry is a competitive place. We are pleased to deliver these workshops at our UK Training Venue or on-site to enable companies in the British Isles to become more effective in this sector.” Read what the PRESS are saying

Dr Adrian Gundy, Principle Consultant of TEC, said: “The aerospace industries in the UK and Europe are some of the most innovative in the world. These workshops will build on those strengths, and ensure that our companies compete with international organisations.” Read what the PRESS are saying

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