National Manufacturing Competitiveness Level (NMCL) & Competitiveness + Growth (C+G) programme

Programme overview

NMCL Overview

The National Manufacturing Competitiveness Level (NMCL) Capability Assessment process coupled with the Competitiveness + Growth (C+G) provides a portfolio of Improvement Modules aligned to the output of the Capability Assessment which is tailored to the specific needs of participating supplier companies to improve their competitiveness in the eyes of their customer(s).

The Improvement Modules are incorporated into ‘Themes’ –

  • Competitive Strategy and Management Systems
  • NPI & Lifecycle Management
  • Manufacturing Operations
  • Supply Chain

The Themes, Work Packages and Improvement Modules in each, form a cohesive business transformation package.

TEC Transnational are a Competitiveness + Growth (C+G) Provider (Approved Provider Code - TB110188AA) able to deliver training and mentoring across all of the ‘Themes’ and are currently approved for a total of 104 Improvement Modules for both the Aerospace & Defence and Automotive sectors.


Programme details

The NMCL comprises two distinct stages –

  • An NMCL Assessor conducts a 5½ day assessment augmented by 7½ days by an Assistant Assessor. The resulting ‘competitiveness views’ and ‘capability gaps’ are used to identify work-streams, activities and improvement modules blending teaching, coaching and mentoring support.
  • The timing and intensity area are scoped to ensure the beneficiary can adequately resource activity and gain full value from every activity day – training, coaching and mentoring.
  • Everything is summarised in a ‘Competitiveness Prioritisation & Work-stream Plan’ tailored to the specific needs of the beneficiary. Project charters, supported by Improvement Modules, link to expected improvements in performance and therefore to financial benefit, with a projected P&L over the programme timeline.
  • Everything is developed by the Assessor with the Beneficiary’s management team to ensure agreement that the identified benefits are realistic. Consequently, management accounts need to be shared with the Assessor (covered by an NDA if required) so that an investment case can be created to apply for funding providers to agree to release of funds.

We strongly believe that maximum benefit is gained by delivering the specified ‘modules’ as a mentorship programme that is not purely training, but active participation to complete real examples and embed them in the business. The training elements may be presented on-site or at TEC's prestigious corporate training venue (Woodland Grange – Leamington Spa). This empowerment training provides the focus for the extended on-site coaching and mentoring provided by TEC staff.

  • A further re-assessment is undertaken after completion of the programme (6½ day by the Assessor and 2½ days by the Assistant Assessor).

Aerospace & Defence sectors

To register your expression of interest for the Aerospace and Defence sectors, please send an e-mail to with subject “SC21 C&G Participant – Expression Of Interest”. Please include the following details: your Company name, location (including post code) and registered Company number.

Please note: By sending this e-mail and expressing your interest you understand and accept that the rights to the subsequent information and documents are reserved.

Alternatively, to register your Expression of Interest for the Aerospace and Defence sectors, please follow this link.

Automotive sector

To register your Expression of Interest for the Automotive sector, please follow this link.

The process commences with the Capability Assessment – a series of structured questions led by an an NMCL Assessor that examine the company’s capabilities. Numerical scoring in the assessment is analysed against the views of the company’s customers and also with consideration to the rate of the company’s growth and how far through that growth cycle it currently is. This is assessed against six ‘dimensions’ – Quality, Delivery, Cost, Flexibility, Technology & Product, and Customer Experience.

The output of the assessment is combined with the company’s financial reports, to build a business case for the improvements to be undertaken, linked directly to improved performance. The resultant improvement activity is designed to boost their performance, which is both strategically important to the company and focussed on their customer’s key needs. TEC Transnational are a NMCL Provider able to deliver training and mentoring across all of the ‘Themes’ and we are currently approved for a total of 104 Improvement Modules for both the Aerospace & Defence and Automotive sectors.

Programme benefits

The aim of the programme is to have a single, national, quality assured, best practice approach to improving the competitiveness of manufacturing supply chain companies, this will raise workforce capability and boost economic growth and exports. Thus, helping to deliver HM Government’s Industrial Strategy and the goals of each sector’s Growth Strategies

The cost to your company should be £zero – because the scheme allows for “in-kind” contributions. These activities would normally cost in the region of £100K to £200K! There’s still time to register your Expression of Interest!

Purpose is to significantly ‘boost’ the performance (including revenues and export) of aerospace (and automotive) suppliers – across all areas of their business. The required training, coaching and mentoring are delivered by an NMCL Approved Provider (TEC Transnational).

Project durations & values

The total project length will be 6- to 36-months with ‘project values’ from £50,000 to £200,000. The ‘matched by industry’ funding is provided by the beneficiaries as ‘in-kind’ costs which, of course, included the salaries of staff involved in the training, coaching and mentoring programme – consequently £zero cash cost to your company!

Applicant eligibility

Manufacturers and processors within the Aerospace and the Defence Aerospace sectors are eligible of one or more of the following products –

  • Aircraft –Aircraft assembly, Aerostructures, Fuselage, Wings, Tails, Nacelles, Exterior protection and cosmetics, Interiors and trim, Servicing and MRO
  • Components and systems –Actuation, Electrical Power, Circuit Boards, Transmission, Controls, Hoses and pipes, Electrical systems, Wheel/brake/landing systems and controls, Fasteners
  • Processes and Materials -Carbon fibre, Composites, Forging, Machining, Casting, Resins, Plastics, Surface treatments, Metal treatments (heat etc), Forming, Spraying, Dyeing, and similar activities
  • Propulsion –Engines, Associated Systems, Fuel Systems, Controls and Actuation, Flight management systems
  • Software –associated with operating aircraft (does not include systems for managing processes and businesses)


TEC Transnational empower people to achieve excellence through accelerated learning – guaranteed! We have an ongoing commitment to research and development focused on investigating innovative ideas, new standards and industry initiatives, and turning these concepts into practical solutions for our clients. Our practical experience is now available to your company under the auspices of the "NMCL Capability Assessment" process.

TEC Transnational are a C+G Provider able to deliver training and mentoring across all of the ‘Themes’ and are currently approved for a total of 104 Improvement Modules for both the Aerospace & Defence and Automotive sectors.


TEC Transnational - NMCL Approved Provider Certificate (AP Number TB110188AA) Executive overview of the NMCL - C+G Programme


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