TEC Transnational launches new ‘hands-on’ AS9100:2016 quality management system course & workshop

First published: 8 Apr 2016
Author: Dr David Scrimshire
Company: TEC Transnational Ltd
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TEC Transnational, aerospace and defence quality specialist, has launched a new ‘hands-on’ AS9100:2016 quality management system course & workshop.

The course will teach participants how to document a modern, process-based QMS to fully conform with the new AS9100:2016 standards (covering AS9100, AS9110 and AS9120).

TEC’s ‘know-how’ is now available through this new 2-day practical course and workshop called “Documenting the AS9100:2016 QMS”. Participants will learn in a structured manner how to:

  • Interpret the new AS9100:2016 series requirements

  • Plan the upgrade to an existing quality management system

  • Create process-based documentation - using Microsoft© apps

  • Document and implement systems for monitoring quality management system performance, customer satisfaction and process effectiveness

  • Conduct an internal audit programme and value-adding reviews

  • Extend their quality management systems to embrace environmental and other requirements in an IMS (Integrated Management System)

  • Identify ‘skills-gaps’ needed to address APQP & PPAP, MSA, 8-D Problem Solving and Capability Studies & SPC

TEC has accumulated extensive knowledge of how to document and implement modern, process-based quality systems from working with hundreds of aerospace and defence clients in the UK, Europe, USA and Russia. They have drastically reduced the volume of unnecessary narrative procedures, and created truly process-based systems - with operation processes visually mapped onto just a few pages.

With quality management system performance, process effectiveness and customer satisfaction monitoring built-in, this has resulted in highly efficient and streamlined business models and user-friendly quality management systems that are also easy to use, audit and maintain.

Assessment of learning is achieved through structured exercises undertaken individually and in teams. TEC’s tutors provide feedback and advice to ensure that best practice is fully understood in the context of the aerospace/defence industry. By the end of the two days participants will be equipped to update their organisation’s quality management system documentation - with many of the ‘difficult’ tasks undertaken during the class exercises.

Dr David Scrimshire, Director of TEC, said “By the end of this course, participants will be able to identify and interpret the key changes in the new AS9100:2016 series of standards and plan, document and implement the QMS. These are vitally important skills for the modern aviation industry and I would urge all quality specialists to attend.”

The course will run on 1st & 2nd June at the Woodland Grange Conference Centre, Leamington Spa, UK. For more information, visit this web page: Documenting the AS9100:2016 QMS.

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