TEC Launches their "One-Stop-Shop"

First published: 5 Jan 2016
Author: TEC Transnational Ltd
Company: TEC Transnational Ltd

TEC’s one-stop-shop for changes in aerospace standards

TEC Transnational has launched a one-stop-shop to help aerospace companies prepare for the AS9100:2016 revised aerospace standard which is due to go live in April 2016.

The AS9100:2016 series of standards are on track for release in April, which means suppliers will need to upgrade their quality management systems to conform to the new/amended requirements and exploit the benefits of a process-based system. The ‘transition clock’ is already ticking – and companies will have be certified no later than 15th September 2018!

Previous standards have differed in structure, terminology and requirements, and this has led to confusion and difficulties in implementation. Adopting a generic management system with a common high level structure will introduce identical core text, common terminology and core definitions, leading to enhanced compatibility across standards.

TEC’s ‘one-stop-shop’ training covers the requirements to satisfy the forthcoming AS9100 changes and ensure that suppliers are proficient in operating the additional techniques required by the industry.Suppliers can tailor their training and pick and mix which courses they need to go on in order to meet their customers’ requirements.

David Pitts, TEC systeme manager, said: “We are only 12 weeks away from the new AS9100 series of standards going live, so the clock is ticking! It is vitally important that suppliers are trained and certified in the new requirements. Being certified could open doors for more business. Equally not being certified could mean losing contracts, so getting up to speed is a must.

We know that one size will not fit all and that different suppliers will want training in different areas so that’s why we’ve gone down the one-stop-shop route.I’d encourage all suppliers to give TEC a call and we can go through which courses are required and put a suitable training plan together.We’ll hold your hand every step of the way, so come April, you’ll be up-and-running and fully proficient in the revised AS9100 standards!”

Although the exact details have yet to be released by the International Aerospace Quality Group, based on the recently published ISO 9001:2014 draft International Standard, some of the anticipated key changes include:

  • Making risk-based thinking more explicit and incorporating it into requirements for establishing, implementing, maintaining and continually improving the Quality Management System (QMS)

  • Organisations will need to determine the issues and requirements that can impact on the planning and development of the QMS

  • The ‘process approach’ will become an explicit requirement across all disciplines

  • To remove the existing bias towards organisations dealing with physical commodities, the MSS adopts the term ‘products and services’

  • The words ‘document’ and ‘record’ have both been replaced by ‘documented information’, meaning that organisations can now decide on the nature and extent of their QMS documentation and documented information

  • There is no ‘exclusions clause’ as such, but the ‘scope requirement’ must clearly state when a requirement cannot be applied.This takes the form of documented information clearly stating the organisation’s products and services covered, with justification for any instance where a requirement cannot be applied

  • Preventive action as a requirement has been replaced with ‘risk-based thinking’ in order to understand risk in the context of the management system

  • ‘Management Responsibility’ now becomes ‘Leadership’ so an organisation’s top management is required to demonstrate its engagement in key QMS activities to help ensure that the QMS is embedded into routine business operations

  • The phrase ‘externally provided products and services’ replaces ‘purchasing’ to underline the fact that the new standard is applicable to all suppliers – not just those that provide physical products.

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