TEC gives a ‘Heads-Up’ to the Foundry Industry: Are they ready for ISO 9001:2015?

First published: 29 Mar 2016

Hosted by the Institute of Cast Metals Engineers in the West Midlands, TEC Transnational held an ISO 9001:2015 briefing session on 12th January 2016 which was attended by 30+ representatives of the UK Foundry Industry.

Attendees were briefed on the newly-released Standard and what would be required of them to acquire or renew their ISO 9001 certification which places emphasis on a ‘process-driven’ system – something which many current ISO 9001 accreditees are unfamiliar with.

The session’s aim was to provide guidance and reassurance that the new QMS structure doesn’t have to be daunting; training and implementation assistance is at hand – the result being a successful third party certification audit and, as important, a system that demonstrates your commitment to running your business effectively and efficiently.

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Another briefing session on the subject is planned at ICME, West Midlands on 19th May – make a note in your diary! Contact Julia Cartwright if you’d like to book any places at [email protected]

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