Nadcap maintenance service

Programme overview

TEC Transnational’s unique Nadcap Maintenance Service provides the ideal solution to ensuring that your PRI certification is retained, and that the supporting procedures and working practices are up-to-date, fully implemented, and effective in delivering performance - for a remarkably modest annual fee.

Our service includes the required internal audits and the necessary upgrading of procedures and working practices to support special process control.

Programme details

The Nadcap Maintenance Service includes the following deliverables -

  • Confirmation of existing Nadcap designated special process requirements and identification of the appropriate PRI Checklists for specified special process(es)
  • Review of the special processes to deal with customer contractual (i.e. customer specific) requirements
  • Handling of any changes in ‘interpretations’ by the Nadcap auditors!
  • Scheduling and conducting all routine internal Nadcap audits
  • Verification of internal special process audit NCRs close-outs – advice on avoiding repetitive NCRs!
  • Highlighting of issues requiring top management intervention
  • Review of changes in the business (i.e. new customers, processes, facilitates, staff, organization structure, etc.) related to the special process procedures, documents, records, etc. – identification of required changes to special process related documentation
  • Assessment of the need for new employee training related to Nadcap processes and customer requirements

Also we offer Hot-Line telephone/e-mail support for matters relating to the management and control of your special processes.

Programme benefits

Your preparation for a successful PRI Nadcap certification was a big enough challenge in its own right! Maintaining and updating the resulting systems can also prove to be a major chore without external help. This is particularly so if you have been promoted to the Supplier Merit Program.

There is the obvious need to ensure that your Nadcap support processes, procedures and working practices are being adhered to by all concerned! Of equal importance is the on-going requirement for continuous improvement in everything that you do to continue to meet the stringent on-going Nadcap surveillance audits.

Change is also necessary to ensure that you are aware of, and are able to assimilate, new global aerospace supply chain best practices and innovative approaches that can benefit your business.Apart from these proactive moves, your Nadcap processes and procedures will have to be updated to keep abreast of changing interpretations by Nadcap auditors and new requirements.

Internal special process audits will also have to be undertaken to ensure that to the extent possible your operational controls are in place and working.When shortcomings are identified, these potential ‘nonconformities’ must be identified and addresses using the RCCA approached mandated by PRI.


TEC Transnational are implementation and support specialists with over 25-years’ experience. Our full-time team of technical consultants have designed, documented, implemented and maintained PRI Nadcap approved systems for dozens of companies throughout the UK.


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