Nadcap Implementation program

Program overview

The Nadcap Implementation Program provides all the necessary consulting, in-company coaching and implementation support to enable our clients to identify and correct deficiencies in existing special process controls in preparation for a successful PRI Nadcap certification audit in the shortest possible timeframe - guaranteed in writing! All of the current Nadcap special processes are covered.

TEC's consultants work on-site with your personnel throughout development and implementation and we only consider the program complete after successful PRI accreditation!

Program details

Each program is customised to suit particular requirements, for example:

  • Companies requiring Nadcap ‘gap’ analysis

  • Companies requiring Nadcap accreditation

  • Companies holding Nadcap accreditation - but experiencing problems

  • Companies wishing to have additional special processes accredited

TEC's structured program of work includes on-site investigation, off-site review and preparation work, technical consulting coupled with practical ‘special process’ audit coaching. By the end of the Nadcap Implementation Program our clients will have received the necessary implementation advice, coaching and consulting to enable them to identify and correct deficiencies in existing special process controls, documentation and skills training in preparation for a successful Nadcap accreditation audit. TEC's bottom-line deliverable is successful Nadcap accreditation!

The program commences with a detailed review of site operations and equipment plus an evaluation of the existing quality management system documentation and records for controlling special processes. The designated Nadcap special processes are then identified and the appropriate PRI Checklists established along with customer-specific requirements in respect of special processes.

A detailed 'gap analysis' is then undertaken using the above established requirements to identify issues and all shortcomings. The findings are analysed and a comprehensive report is prepared to act as the basis for fixing the problems in a coordinated manner to both meet the stringent requirements of Nadcap and to introduce best-practice.

A realistic action timing plan is then agreed to address all identified shortcomings - including problems uncovered with existing processing and monitoring equipment not being capable of meeting the required degree of control. A consolidation of the upgraded working practices follows that involves active guidance on how to document revised procedures/work instructions with the full involvement of staff concerned. Designated personnel are instructed in conducting product audits that cover all steps in the special process to ensure that the newly established 'best-practice' becomes 'custom-and-practice'.

Guidance is given on preparing for, and handling, the actual PRI audit which includes advice on communicating with the Nadcap auditor and the protocol for dealing with any nonconformances. Advice is also given on ongoing system maintenance and development.

The Nadcap Implementation Program concludes after PRI certification!

TEC work on a fixed price contract with no extras – payments are aligned with the program phases. The program deliverables are guaranteed in writing from the start.

Program benefits

The majority of aerospace/defence customers are mandating that suppliers offering special processes have PRI Nadcap certification as a condition for doing business. Many customers use Nadcap as a part of their customer approval process. There are over 3,000 accredited suppliers of special processes listed on the Nadcap Qualified Manufacturers’ List (QML).

Surveys performed on existing Nadcap suppliers indicate an average 40% reduction in customer audits following Nadcap accreditation. Over half of Nadcap accredited suppliers report that accreditation has helped to increase sales and/or attract new business. 85% of Nadcap accredited suppliers report a measured improvement in quality as a result of implementing the Nadcap requirements.

More than two-thirds of aerospace industry representatives believe Nadcap contributes to the overall aerospace industry’s safety record. The companies realizing these benefits tend to be SMEs with two-thirds having fewer than 50 employees.

From our experience in implementing Nadcap with our clients, TEC Transnational agree with the above statements made by PRI.

During the implementation phase, TEC assess the competency of your personnel and then provide training and coaching as required to ensure that they can accomplish their jobs in a correct and consistent manner. A typical program is usually phased over 2- to 3-months to allow sufficient time for the necessary actions to be accomplished and to ensure that the revised working practices are fully implemented prior to the PRI Nadcap assessment audit.


TEC Transnational are not just a training organization. We are implementation specialists with over a decade's experience with Nadcap. Our full-time team of consultants have been involved in dozens of Nadcap Implementation Programs - involving most of the PRI Nadcap special processes.


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