Marketing & PR

Programme overview

Maximizing the effectiveness of your marketing and PR activities can lead to significant gains in sales to existing customers and obtaining access to new customers and sectors. The solution is to develop and deploy a strategic marketing and PR plan that will provide the necessary framework against which sales, marketing and commercial activity can be managed to your benefit.

Programme details

TEC Transnational and their partners work with management teams to systematically arrive at a unique strategic marketing & PR plan in a highly structured programme scheduled over a 2 - to 4-week period. Everything is linked into the strategic direction of the organization:

  • review of the organization’s strategic direction
  • review/analyse of the context of the organization (i.e. the current business environment)
  • identification of new services/products/facilities/target markets
  • development of an outline plan-of-action
  • determination of the necessary resources
  • delegation of ‘next actions’

Review of the existing situation

Starts with an in-depth review of where are we now and where have we been:

  • what are we currently selling – and to whom? (i.e. what are our current markets?)
  • what kind of business are we in – how good are we?
  • what have we done in the past – "winners" and "losers"?
  • what have we previously provided to customers and reasons for stopping?
  • do we have a clear view of what our company is striving to become in, say, two to five years?

Continues with an analysis of market segmentation, with the aim of maximizing the chances of success by concentrating activities on the most attractive markets:

  • brainstorming the existing situation
  • using the “Boston Matrix” to analyse market growth and market share
  • using “S-W-O-T Analysis” to establish internal and external factor
  • the “external” audit
  • the “internal” audit

Focus then shifts to examining “what could we be doing?”:

  • focused "Brainstorming" to identify new/future situations and opportunities
  • using the “Ansoff’s Matrix” to identify and mitigate risks associated with new products/services and new markets/sectors
  • development of an Action Plan

Understanding the marketplace

Being aware that little or no control can be exercised over “the business environment” that includes the competition, aerospace/defence market size, availability of materials/labour, etc.

But understanding that you can direct and control the operation of your own organization that includes investment (£), plant & machinery, buildings, people, processes, certifications, etc.

  • developing an understanding of the “voice of the customer”
  • differentiating between product/service “features” and “benefits” for the customer

Developing a sound marketing & PR strategy

We commence by finding out what your customers wants and then provide it - simple enough:

  • appreciate that the aerospace/defence industry is divided into “segments” then identify and research those segments that are relevant to your organization’s policy (i.e. your strategic business plan)
  • understand that your organization’s capabilities might have to match different segments of aerospace/defence customers’ needs

Next, we deploy the "4 P’s Marketing Mix":

  • products
  • price
  • place
  • promotion

In short, develop products to satisfy customer needs, charge the right price, get the products to the right place (OTIF!), and make the existence of your product know through PR promotion.

Developing a route-to-order

Creating a sound marketing & PR model that suits your organization and its target customers:

  • identification of customers
  • raising the awareness of these customers to your organization’s products/services
  • getting your “message across” by concentrating on “benefits” rather than just “features”
  • gaining customer conviction
  • responding to RFQs and tendering
  • developing a robust NPI (new product introduction) process - AS9145 compliant

Programme benefits

A strategic Marketing & PR plan will provide the necessary framework against which sales, marketing and commercial activity can be managed to provide tangible benefit to the organization in increase sales and higher profitability.


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