Competitive Strategy, Leadership & Management Systems Programme

Programme overview

Based on several decades experience working with SMEs, TEC offer a comprehensive programme of management training and mentoring focused on competitive strategy and leadership - and related management systems.

Defining a 'strategic direction' differs from 'conventional business planning' in that it concentrates on the medium- to long-term goals and identifies the deployment planning needed to achieve them. Typically, this involves –

  • understanding the needs and expectations of the company’s stakeholders (i.e. customers, shareholders/owners, employees and suppliers)
  • understanding internal performance and capabilities
  • identifying 'emerging technologies' that could be exploited
  • developing, communicating and implementing the necessary policies and processes

We appreciated that the needs of individual companies will vary. Consequently, we recommend that the current ‘capability’ be established by an in-depth Capability Assessment (CA) undertaken by an independent NMCL Assessor – if NMCL grant funding is involved.

Each ‘module’ of the programme is delivered as a mentorship, this is not purely training, but active participation to complete real examples and embed them in the business. The required improvement modules are then selected, and a 'delivery timetable' agreed.

Programme details

TEC Transnational and their partners work with management teams to systematically develop and then implement the unique strategy focused on the challenges and opportunities facing the business.

We have long recognised that the deployment of a sound strategic plan can pose some considerable personal challenges to the owners/directors and managers of SMEs, whose role can change dramatically as the business grows.

Effective strategic planning involves considering options that challenge the way that business operated up to this point. This can involve changing the management structure; delegating authority and decision-making; streamlining processes which have worked well in the past will no longer fit with future plans; and so on. These 'sensitive issues' must be identified and tackled head on. It can be tempting for owners or managers to overlook radical alternatives that are uncomfortable for them personally, but to disregard such options on these grounds can seriously compromise the strategic plan and ultimately the survival and growth of the business.

Examples of the kind of 'issues' that tend to get overlooked by growing businesses include:

  • the company's current products and services
  • emerging technologies
  • the future needs and expectation of existing customers
  • the future role of the owner(s)
  • the location of the business
  • the ownership structure
  • the age/qualification profile of the company’s employees
  • the management structure
  • the company culture

In the final analysis, it is the owners of the business who must decide the strategic plan. TEC's comprehensive programme of management training and mentoring focused on competitive strategy, leadership and management systems will facilitate the development and implementation of the 'optimum' strategic plan.

TEC programme includes many modules - each module consists of 1-day empowerment training followed up with 1- to 3-days on-site mentoring and review. The following are typical examples –

  • Module #1 - Vision, Mission and Strategy
  • Module #6 - VoC (Voice of the Customer)
  • Module #7 - Hoshin Kanri (Strategy Deployment)
  • Module #25 - Counterfeit Management & Conflict Minerals
  • Module #26 - Ethical Performance (Ethical Behaviour & Just Culture)
  • Module #28 - Obsolescence Management
  • Module #34 - Knowledge Management (Organizational Knowledge)
  • Module #35 - Team Leader Skills

Depending on the assessed requirements, companies may adopt a ‘pick-and-mix’ approach to select the appropriate modules to address their specific needs or 'skills-gaps'. Use the 'Enquire about' box below to receive details of the improvement modules.

Programme benefits

The process of developing a strategic direction will establish where the business needs to be; how to get there; and how to manage risks associated with the change. This involves a 3-step process to answer these questions:

  1. where is the business now? (e.g. scope of operations, operational capability, operational processes & procedures, management structure, current markets, customer profile, etc.)
  2. where do we want to take it? (e.g. future operational structure, process & procedures, future markets, future management structure & customer profile, etc.)
  3. what do we need to do to get it there? (e.g. organization & management structure, certifications & approvals, marketing/sales support, equipment/facilities capability, employee qualification/training, financial planning, etc.)

TEC Transnational's comprehensive programme provides a customized portfolio of Improvement Modules aligned to the output of the capability assessment which is tailored to the specific needs of participating companies to improve their competitiveness in the eyes of their customers.

TEC Transnational are a NMCL Provider able to deliver training and mentoring across all of the ‘Themes’ and are currently approved for a total of 104 Improvement Modules for both the Aerospace & Defence and Automotive sectors.


The implementation of an company’s strategic plan requires careful planning and management. In line with the EFQM Model, progress and performance must be measured using quantified results and associated goals. Budgets and deadlines have to be assigned to directors, key employees and/or department managers.

Monitoring the progress of implementation and reviewing it against the strategic plan will be an ongoing process. TEC favour the use of R-A-D-A-R from the EFQM Model to ascertain success and assess and refine both the approaches being used and the manner in which the strategic plan is being deployed. Monitoring implementation is the key with special reference to the achievement of agreed KPIs (key performance indicators).


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