AS9100:2016 Rev D Internal Auditor Training

By the end of this 2-day practical course participants will be able to plan, perform and report the results of internal and supplier audits based on the AS9100:2016 series of standards using a ‘process-based approach’ - in the same way as the Certification Bodies.

Yes - we’ve updated and extended the course to address the new high-level structure of ISO 9001:2015 and the stringent requirements of the AS9100:2016 series of standards.

The course will empower participants to audit against the requirements of AS9100:2016 series, customer and regulatory QMS requirements. and their organization’s own procedures. In addition, they will learn how to assess the ‘active’ management of customer satisfaction, QMS performance and process-level effectiveness (PEARs) - and how to audit the organization's Leadership!

The AS9100:2016 Rev D Internal Auditor Training course is applicable to AS9100, AS9110 and AS9120 standards.

Assessment of learning is achieved through structured exercises, real-world audit scenarios and an aerospace Case Study. Students undertake 'face-to-face' individual audit exercises with the tutor(s) in addition to team assignments. The tutors provide feedback and advisement to ensure that best-practice is fully understood in the context of the aerospace/defence industry.

The course timings are –

  • Day #1: 08:30 – 17:00
  • Day #2: 08:30 – 17:00

Day #1

  • The process-based quality management system –
    • the P-D-C-A structure and content of AS9100
  • Quality management system auditing
  • Understanding the organization and its context
  • Understanding risk-based thinking
  • Reviewing QMS documentation
  • Understanding the QMS scope and ‘not applicable’ requirements
  • Preparing the audit plan
  • Preparing work documents – 1
  • Preparing work documents – 2
  • Preparing work documents – 3

Day #2

  • The ‘evidence-based approach’ to auditing –
    • determining conformity and nonconformity
  • Conducting the audit activities –
    • the opening meeting
  • Writing effective NCRs (nonconformity reports)
  • Auditing quality policy and quality objectives
  • Auditing and scoring process effectiveness
  • Case Study – team ‘mock audit’ of top management
  • Case Study – individual ‘mock audit’ of operation processes
  • Case study – NCRs and audit conclusions
  • Case study – conducting the closing meeting
  • Preparing and presenting the audit report
  • Conducting audit follow-up

Public course

Our public courses are run at the Woodland Grange Conference Centre in Warwickshire

The course fee includes a 3-course lunch and refreshments during both days

Course dates
On-site course

In-company courses may be organised at any time and are extremely cost-effective on a ‘cost-per-student’ basis. The host company is responsible for the venue costs.

We can accommodate up to 10 (maximum) delegates per session.


Individuals needing to conduct internal and/or supplier audits, and those who want to monitor process effectiveness and QMS performance. Competent auditors can also undertake an in-depth ‘gap analysis’ of an organization’s existing QMS.

Other individuals who have found this course useful are six sigma practitioners, team leaders and supervisors in aerospace/defence organizations, who are looking to broaden their awareness of quality issues in order to understand how they can improve overall business effectiveness.

Individuals who successfully complete the course will -

  • be better equipped to maintain compliance with AS9100:2016 series of standards requirements
  • be able to undertake an in-depth 'gap analysis' of an existing AS9100 QMS
  • be confident in knowing that their audit questions address all important issues
  • identify weaknesses in QMS performance (e.g. quality and delivery), process-level effectiveness and leadership
  • identify risks and opportunities within the QMS
  • be able to accrue CPD points because of the highly structured nature of this course

All students successfully completing the 2-day course will receive an individual training certificate containing the TEC Transnational logo

The organization will –

  • be confident that their auditors are empowered to undertake effective AS9100:2016 internal (and supplier) audits
  • know that the outcomes of the audits will meet the expectations of automotive/motorsport customers and Certification Bodies
  • ensure conformity, maintenance and ongoing improvement of the QMS

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